Learn from the past but…

Posted by Dr Wilbert R Mutoko

31 July 2020

Motivation. Personal Development.

Many people have been taught that in order to become ultra successful, they should focus on the future and forget their past.

However, for you to be ultra successful in life, career, ministry, spirituality, health, relationships, finances, business, school, family, etc., you need to learn from your past, manage your present and work on your future. There needs to be a balance.

If you ignore your past, you will possibly repeat past mistakes or you fail to maximize on past lessons. Similarly, if you ignore your present, you may never set a good foundation for your future.

Remember that tomorrow’s yesterday is today. What you do today determines your success tomorrow. In any case, if you ignore your today, how do you survive your present circumstances?

Therefore, I suggest that you forget past pains, but learn as much as possible from the past. Then take advantage of your present and be realistic; thus avoiding just hoping that the future will be great without wise planning and action.

All the best my dear. See you at the top!

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Sharing is Caring

Posted by Dr Wilbert R Mutoko

25th June 2020

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A small act of kindness will make a difference.

My family and our church mates have been regularly sharing food with families in need since Covid19 started.

Just help one family with food, even for a day. That can comfort them. Some people have lost income. Some have no hope right now. All they need is inspiring words and possibly some food.

Please help as many people as you can. Has your neighbor eaten today? Sharing is caring.

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13th June 2020


You will not have success in life and business without working on your mind. Your mind is the central point of development. In this article, I present seven mindsets that will radically improve your business and your life.

  1. Self-trust mindset

To do anything great, you have to be able to trust yourself and believe in your capabilities. The most dangerous defeat in life is self-defeat.

2. Goal-setting mindset

You should be able to set goals for yourself, be able to strategise how you can accomplish your goals. Do you have written goals for your business and life? What goals do you have for your spiritual life, finances, family, school, business etc? Successful people make it through planning and implementing their written plans.

3. Patient mindset

Most people fail in their lives and in business because they give up too quickly. There are certain things that happen through nature, and you cannot hurry nature. Thus, you should adjust and suit your plans to certain processes. Be patient to wait if the deal is worth waiting for.

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4. Courageous mindset

You should never be weak. Any person who wants success in life and business must be courageous. There are times when life will be tough. Even when the world seems like it is working against you, and these are times you can only depend on your courageous mindset.

5. Focused mindset

To succeed in anything you need to stay focused. You cannot afford to be distracted by anything that comes your way. You need to keep your eye on the goal.


6. Positive mindset

The one who is always positive-minded is the one who receives positive results. There are people who rise up and build an empire during the hardest time of the economy, because they chose to be positive-minded. Are you positive-minded? Do you see a glorious future for yourself, family and business? Do you feed your mind with positive information that in turn bring about positive or optimistic thoughts?

7. Learning mindset

The best ingredient to success is knowledge. Get as much knowledge as you can about life and your business. The execution of work from someone with knowledge has less mistakes than from someone who knows nothing, but depending on trial and error.


To be a successful person you do not only do it through having money, but good mindset. Everything begins in your mind, what you think, and how you conduct your life.

Thank you for reading.

About the Author

Banabasi Marambire is a multi-award-winning-millionaire-entrepreneur, author of the book THE HERDBOY, and Group CEO of Barmlo (a group of companies involved in construction, hardware, food processing etc). In the midst of turmoil and economic downturn in Zimbabwe, Banabasi is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Southern Africa. He is a loving husband and caring father. He loves God, and he likes empowering people to achieve more in life and business. Banabasi grew up as an orphan, hence he actively takes steps daily to empower others not to suffer the same way that he suffered while growing up.

Banabasi’s purpose is to change people’s lives through entrepreneurship skills, and finding solutions for problems that are faced in our communities through business approaches.

Banabasi Marambire writes in his own capacity, not representing anybody or organisation.

Contact Banabasi on email: baniemarie@yahoo.com


Hire unqualified and inexperienced people

Posted by Dr Wilbert R Mutoko

9th June 2020

Did you know that some recruitment ideas and practices are obsolete, un fruitful and irrelevant?

While I have nothing against looking for highly qualified and experienced candidates, recruiters should know by now that some of the best potential employees may have neither the expected qualifications nor experience.

Therefore, recruiters should learn to use the sixth sense to avoid losing candidates who have the right attitude and a teachable spirit, yet they do not have what is written down by the recruiting team.

I have learned this through experience. Not all that glitters is gold.

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Posted by Dr Wilbert R Mutoko

16 April 2020

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We are going through tough times, but do not give up. The sun will shine again. Keep your eyes on the desired future. Learn daily. Avoid negative news. Think differently.

Experiment with online tools. Do acts of kindness. Develop yourself daily through reading, acquiring new skills, praying, and meditation on the word.

If you have no job, or your firm seems to be sinking, take heart. Don’t blame yourself or anyone. Believe, pray, think positively, expect a turnaround.

If you have a job, this is a time to work more than ever. Assist your leaders, your colleagues and customers wholeheartedly. Research and give suggestions to your supervisor. Go the extra mile. Throw away complaining and blame game.

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Stop discussing heaven and do your work on earth

Posted by Dr Wilbert R Mutoko

11th April 2020

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To inspire entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs to solve problems, create jobs and generate income, today, I interview Dr Shingi Munyeza on Entrepreneurship.

On Monday I interview Puni Sechele on business leadership.

On Tuesday I interview Ross Saunders on online business and cyber security.

On Wednesday I interview Dr Patrick Ebewo Jnr on Entrepreneurship and Research.

The list goes on….

My mandate is to free people holistically through preaching The Gospel and teaching people financial freedom. What is your mandate on earth?

Stop complaining. Stop blaming others. As long as you breathe, keep making a difference.

Stop discussing going to heaven. Nothing is wrong with going to heaven. But you were not created to go to heaven, but to manage the earth. Jesus said ‘Occupy till I come.’ (Luke 19:13). In Genesis 1:26&28, God commanded humans to dominate the earth, multiply and replenish the earth. Is that what you are doing?

Is there an entrepreneur you want me to interview? Entrepreneurs are life changers. My Africa.

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Global economic crisis _ Are you ready

Posted by Dr Wilbert R Mutoko

10 April 2020

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The worst economic crisis in the world is the great depression of 1929 to 1939. This resulted from the 1929 stock market crash.

One out of four people became unemployed, the stock market went down to its knees, people died of stress and suicide, companies folded up and the world grappled with many problems.

2020 here we are. Covid19 comes in and usher the world into a recession which is threatening to become worse than the great depression. The situation is worsened by the high level of debts. Imagine that if the USA had a debt of 23 trillion dollars, what about the weaker economies of the world?

Look at how many people are losing jobs! See how many firms are folding up!

The worst thing is that in a few months time, tens of trillions of dollars have been lost. More money and lives will be lost. Schools have been closed. Lock downs have crippled the world economy. But the problem is not just Covid19, but rather the several years needed to recover from the current mess.

Where do you stand in all this?

What steps are you taking to avoid sinking in these troubled times?

Here are my suggestions for you:

1. Be positive minded, and avoid negative news.

2. Follow advice from health professionals.

3. Aggressively develop yourself with speed. Study books. Learn new and relevant skills.

4. Think outside the box.

5. Start getting new and useful people into your network.

6. Learn how to work online and run business online.

7. Get mentors that understand online business.

8. Reduce your spending. Think critically before spending.

9. Decide on which ways you want to earn income. Pursue those ways with everything you have.


No more micro managing but collaboration

Posted by Dr Wilbert R Mutoko

28 March 2020

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We are in tough times. Make matters worse, most people in leadership positions have accumulated habits of micro managing over the years. You can only imagine how difficult it is for them now to virtually manage their employees.

There is need for a mindshift towards collaboration. Collaboration is the way to go. It is better to delegate work to your team and allow them to do the work.

However, on the other hand, there are some employees who cause their supervisors to end up micro managing. Such employees just want income, but they do not want to work.

I therefore encourage both employees and leaders to collaborate, rather than play cat-and-mouse-hide-and-seek.

During the Covid19 crisis, if both sides do not collaborate, this will bring so much stress and lack of productivity.
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