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Story of the pan

By Dr. Wilbert Mutoko I 14 September 2021

A story is told of a fisherman who would catch fish and measure the size. If the fish was longer than 20cm, he would throw it back into the dam. If the fish was 20cm long or smaller than 20cm, he would put it in the dish to carry it home.

One day, someone asked the fisherman why he would throw big fish back in the water, and his response was, “My frying pan has a diameter of only 20cm. Thus, I do not want to carry home any fish that is longer than the frying pan.”

1. What lacked in the thinking and imagination of the fisherman?
2. What would you have done differently if you were in the position of the fisherman in this story?
3. Could there be areas in your life where you are limiting yourself?
4. What solutions will you bring about to transform your career/business?
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You are a winner

Never take anything for granted. Things are hard now, but there are some things that you can be grateful for. For example, you are breathing, you may have family and friends, you may have sunshine, you may have a job or business, a roof over your head, and the list goes on. This may not be the best. But when you are grateful, you will attract better things and better people. Keep strong. You are a fighter.  #motivation #success #inspiration #gratefulness #positivemind #wellness #selfleadership

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Celebrating the gift of life

Posted by Dr Wilbert R Mutoko

2nd May 2021

46 years ago, a young beautiful woman called Irene got married to a young handsome man called Mark. After a short while, the young couple were excited when they saw that the wife had become pregnant. However, to their surprise, 9 months passed, 10 months passed, and 11 months passed. The woman was still pregnant.

The pregnancy was painful and difficult to understand. When the pregnancy was 12 months, on the 2nd of May, a few minutes after 12 midnight, the woman gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Wow!

The number 12 stands for peace and harmony, self-improvement, perfection, creativity, sociability, faith, the Church, and divine rule. The baby born by this couple is Wilbert Mutoko. If you know him, you will interpret his life.

Many lessons can be learned from the story:

1. Sometimes things do not go according to plan. But life goes on.

2.When things do not go according to plan, keep trusting in God.

3. When things do not go according to plan, keep hoping for the best.

4. In times of difficulty, stick together.

5. It does not matter how you were born or when you were born, just celebrate the gift of life.

6. Remember your parents who suffered for you.

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The best of you in 2021

Posted by Dr Wilbert R Mutoko

30 December 2020

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“If you lost money, you have lost nothing. If you lost health, you have lost something. But if you lost character, you have lost everything” – Billy Graham

As you begin 2021, please polish your character. Your character will either make you or destroy you. There is a difference between character and reputation. Reputation is what people think of you. Character is who you really are, particularly in private. You may have a good reputation, but what about your character?

Do you want to be ultra successful in 2021? Then seriously work on your character.
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Advantages and disadvantages of online (virtual) coaching

Posted by Dr Wilbert R Mutoko

November 2nd 2020

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In my over 16 years of experience as a business coach, financial coach, and executive coach, I have realized that coaching is a very effective tool to empower leaders to become better at their game.

However, the question is, is it better to do face to face coaching or online (virtual) coaching. Nothing beats face to face coaching. However, virtual coaching comes with its own benefits.

Advantages of virtual coaching

1. It saves on time and travel costs

Instead of spending time and money on traveling to and from the coaching venue, you can benefit from coaching in the comfort of your own home.

2. Instead of worrying about traffic and possibilities of road accidents while going to the physical venue, with virtual coaching sessions, you can easily relax and wait for the coaching time to arrive.

3. Face to face coaching is usually limited to your vicinity. But with virtual coaching, you can be coached by someone in another continent. For example, due to virtual coaching, I hold coaching sessions with my clients across Botswana, South Africa, Europe, and the USA. That is something that would not be possible if I was doing physical face to face coaching. I would have been limited to people in Gaborone. Furthermore, I have some of my coaches in Nigeria, USA and South Africa. Whether I am coaching my clients or I am being coached by my own coaches, we hold our meetings on Zoom and it is just as effective.

4. Virtual meetings reduce chances of spreading diseases such as Flu and Covid19.

5. Canceling or postponing virtual coaching sessions is not as much of an inconvenience as face to face. With face to face coaching, someone can cancel or postpone a meeting while you were already on your way to the venue. But whether a coachee or coach cancels or postpones a virtual meeting, it is not as inconvenient as face to face.

6. Virtual coaching still gives you an opportunity to connect with your client or coach with a video.

Disadvantages of Virtual (online) coaching

1. Technology is not always dependable. There are times when technology fails. However, you can always have plan b, for example, if Zoom call fails, you can use WhatsApp, email, phone calls or other methods.

2. It is not everyone who knows how to use innovative technology. So sometimes as a coach you may need to teach the prospective client how to use technology.

Thank you for reading.

How has been your experience with coaching?

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What are you waiting for

Act now!

Reading history is good. But can I say this? Stop just reading history and begin to create history. Yes! You can do it! Just begin! You have postponed for too long! You have procrastinated for too long! You have blamed yourself for past mistakes! You have blamed the government! You have blamed your loved ones! Arise and change your circumstances! You can do this!

Furthermore, researching is good. But some of you have been researching for years. When are you starting that project? My friend take action today!
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Success one step at a time

Posted by Dr Wilbert R Mutoko

29 September 2020

Many years ago I bought the first ever motor vehicle. It was a white VW Golf that was properly tired of moving on the road. If it had been a company car we would say that the company selling to me would have fully depreciated it. I literally spent more time under the car than in the car. Guess what? I was so excited to be a car owner. I felt that it was a step in the right direction. I was not ashamed that my car would get to the robots and refuse to move from there. Sometimes fuel would get finished in the midst of the road because the gauge was not working. In some cases, water would finish in the radiator and i would see steam. But I enjoyed every bit, although sometimes it was a bit shameful.

From there I sold that car and topped up cash to buy a Nissan pick up which was slightly better; although I still learnt a bit about cars as I encountered challenges here and there. After that of course the story got better and better by the years.

The reason why I was not ashamed was that I understood that men are in sizes and life is in stages. I knew that although I can appreciate and learn from others, I should not compare myself to other people.

You can feel like you are a failure because your neighbor or workmate just bought a new pair of shoes, clothes or vehicle. But guess what? Just be yourself. You do not even know whether the neighbor’s new car is theirs, whether it’s on credit or maybe it is a company car. Your friends are highly educated and you wonder why you still have a certificate only.

My advice to you is that you should learn to appreciate where you are per time. If you have no car, walk majestically and do not feel ashamed. If you have an old car drive it happily and call it a range rover when it is an old whatever car. If you drive a brand new car, enjoy yourself; but do not think you are more valued than others because of the car. If you are lowly educated, either decide to go back to school if you can or buy books and read. Happy day my friends.