never allow a mind crash

No matter what happens in life, never allow anything to crash your mind. Did you know that some people lost all money, legs, hands, family or property. But through resilience and positive mentality they are still alive and flourishing. Some lost their eyes, some their hearing ability; but they refused to lose their mind. Some people suffer from deadly diseases but they think positive and live happier lives than people with no disease at all. One person lives with Cancer, HIV/AIDS or Sugar Diabetes looking healthy and happy for years; yet another will have a headache for five minutes and they give up the ghost. One person is involved in an accident where the car rolls three times and the car  is a write-off and s/he lives; but another gets involved in a minor motor vehicle accident and dies on the sport due to panic. Why does it happen like that? Why is there such a difference? 

Your mind determines how far you can go during tough times. This is why even during a recession, everyone cries daily about financial crisis; yet a few people emerge from the recession richer than ever. What have you lost that has broken your soul? What is it about your life, business, school, career, or relationships that threatens to destroy you. Successful people focus on possibilities and positiveness, while the majority of people concentrate their thinking on worst case scenarios and how many people are failing and dying daily. You are still alive for a reason. Do something of impact with your life. My advice is that you hold on to your mind and refuse to give up. There is hope for you. 


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