reading is it

Did you know that whatever you are struggling with right now; a solution is there in a book, magazine or article. What you need is just to read and bit ignorance. Before you know it, you are a winner. Many years ago my wife and I did not have a house help. So we would entertain our children with television, and we particularly we left them watching cartoons when going away. 

Everything changed one day when I bought a magazine and together with my wife we learnt that most tv cartoons contain some dangerous scenes with sex etc. From that day we learnt not to allow children to watch cartoons which we have not watched. Or at least to restrict them to certain good ones only.

Reading is it. Just yesterday I was so happy when I got a call from a reader in South Africa who read my first book – 15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success – A Simple Step-by-Step Plan for Financial Freedom. His testimony is such that after reading the book, his mind opened up and he started saving and budgeting. Of late he has done things he had struggled to do – including buying a brand new car and many other developments for cash.

Are you a reader or just a talker? Remember readers are leaders.

See you at the top!


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