the men from the boys

“It is the hard work and sacrifice that separates the men from the boys; the women from the girls, and doers from talkers in business and career” – Wilbert R. Mutoko – Author 15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success


2 thoughts on “the men from the boys

  1. Hey my friend. You should seriously consider greener pastures I believe. FB “Likes” and “yea and amen” does not pay the bills. I’ve poured into that place for 3 years which frightfully little motivation and support from people. In fact, it was the most epic waste of time in general I;d say….the most TALK and the LEAST action I’ve heard and seen in all of developing Africa for that matter…

    If you were a loan shark, you’d be retired by now….but for people like you and me who are set out to improve the lives of others, we need to be where real hungry people are who do more than just talk and give lip service. People will suck the very life out of you with their pew-warmer positions…and that;s the cold hard truth. They’ll shout halleluia, say ALL the things good Christians are taught to say…but it usually stops there.

    Perhaps think where you’re casting your precious pearls and ask God regarding your season…He will show you.

    I just personally cringe when I see such great talent wasted…


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