you can be the best

It has been said that ‘You are the head and not the tail’ This doesn’t mean that you become the best in all fields. What I believe is that you can be the best in your area. If you are a cleaner, work so hard and smart that you become The Cleaner. Who knows, you can end up owning a cleaning company? If you are a security guard, work so diligently that you become the security guard. Who knows, you may end up owning a security company or you get promoted to Security Manager?

Don’t cry about your current job or position. If you are in business, become the expert. Become the barber, the electrician, the college of choice, the shop, etc. Avoid being ordinary or average. Avoid just being an electrician, but the electrician. Become the engineer, not just an engineer. You can be the best in your area.