You and I are where we are and who we are today because of what we decided to do or not to do yesterday. Let’s stop blaming others, blaming colonialism or blaming the devil for everything. Let’s take responsibility for our actions and climb higher in life, and help more people to get better. The blame game helps no one. It is a losing game. If we truly want to be successful from 2015 on-wards, then let’s take responsibility.

You are the main actor, the rest are commentary. There is no sports person that wins without pain well before the competitions. There rarely is any mother that smiles and holds a baby without passing through the labor room. There is no medical doctor that practices without first spending over 20 years in school from primary to university. There is no business person that becomes a big success without failures and losses in between. There is no powerful child of God that does not punish the body in prayer and fasting regularly. Act or perish! Life is tough and you better get tough and get going or else…! If you truly want to succeed in 2015, stop for a moment, write your targets for this year financially, business wise, spiritually, family, health etc and get down to work at it! Then reduce your sleep time and leisure time. Happy 2015 friends!


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