Stay focused

Stay Focused my friend

No doubt all of us when the year 2015 began we wrote down goals to be achieved. Some of us broke down the goals into smaller achievable objectives with shorter timelines such as by end of January or by end of … I must have increased my profits by abc. I must have networked with 20 new people. I must have finished the syllabus for … I will have done abc.

But there are certain short term pleasures that distract us on the way. Have you ever seen a driver. Mature driver. He drives at night going very far for a good reason. On the way as he drives at night he sees a rabbit or other small prey. Immediately in his mind he loses focus and determines to kill the rabbit that is running in front of the truck. Before you know it an accident takes place. Does the driver’s behavior and actions make sense? NO. Another example is a driver that concerntrates on the phone or sending short text messages while driving. He forgets the big picture, that there are other cars on the road and that s/he is going somewhere. An accident can possibly happen and when the driver is asked s/he is ashamed to tell what really happened.

You are the driver of your life my friend. Be on the alert for things and people that can put you offcourse and possibly cause a life-accident or destiny crash. Stay focused. See you at the top!


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