Great men and women are products of their daily habits. Similarly, mediocre people are products of their daily habits. You rarely succeed in anything by one good and powerful action. What you need to be successful is an accumulation of positive habits on a daily basis.

There is rarely a weight lifter that becomes a champion by lifting weights once in a while. Ask any champion. They will tell you the pain-staking actions they have taken daily for years. Talk to soccer stars. Some of them practice twice daily to keep their bodies and minds fit. However, some mediocre soccer players, no matter how talented they maybe, they lack tenacity due to laziness. They like to kick the ball during competitions yet they lack the fitness needed. How come? They have nursed bad habits of sleeping, drinking and overeating; at the expense of their sport.

Haven’t you seen business people that love money, but they don’t want to develop positive habits of hard work, saving money, studying and networking? What about students that envy others on prize-giving days? They know what to do, but they prefer negative habits that bring no positive results.

Where do you stand today? What habits have you developed in your finances, career, business, family, ministry, health etc? February has just begun. It’s not too late to be serious and work on your habits. If you over-sleep; for the next 21 days, set your alarm loud and wake up early. If you are easily distracted by others at work or in business; determine to get to work early, work on your work and stop chit-chatting with employees that are going nowhere. Stop playing on social media for long as if you own shares on social media. If you are not doing well at school, write down a time-table and follow it religiously. If your home is a hell, work on your relationships and bring life into that family. If your business is crippled, arise and learn what successful businesses do and do the same from today. Identify good habits that you had stopped and re-start them. Consider bad habits that are in your life and take steps to stop them. Go ahead and re-shape your destiny. See you at the top! Wilbert R. Mutoko – Author 15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success AND 16 Mistakes Singles Make Vol. 1


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