Major difference between financially free people and the financially stranded

I have seen a major difference between financially free people and the financially stranded. Financially free people understand that even a cent or thebe is money and it should be used to work for them to bring more money. However, financially stranded people have no value for money. One way to see the carelessness of financial strugglers is that when you get to their home you see coins all over the yard. What they fail to understand is that without one cent or one thebe, you nolonger have $10 or $1 million. So start valuing all money and stop wasting. Assign every cent or thebe to work for you – from Wilbert Mutoko – Best selling author of 15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success (Available in Exclusive Books and Bala Books)



Have you ever realized that each time you say, “I have no time”; you actually mean that whatever you were to do is not important enough. You hear people say that they have no time to exercise, but when they fall ill and their life is at stake – doctors tell them “you either exercise or die”. Immediately they make time to exercise.

People say that they have no time for their children. But if the children grow up and become criminals, the parents will create time to see those children in prison.

Some claim that they have no time to grow their business, but they have time to sleep, go shopping and gossiping.

Some claim that they have no time for reading books; but they have time to watch movies and television without end. After failure in life they have time to look for successful people to try and seek help.

They claim to have no time to pray. But they have time to criticize others. Furthermore, when they get a satanic attack, they create time to pray. Why not pray always and give no room for the enemy?

Some people say they have no time to go back to school, but they have time to complain that they are not promoted or given a salary hike. They have time for parties and all kinds of showers – bridal showers, baby showers and who-knows-what showers.

We all have time. Please stop giving excuses. Time is created. How have other couples, business people, students, and employees made it? If what should be done is crucial enough you create time for it whether at 2am or 12am. If you say, “I don’t have time”; you are simply saying “I don’t care about this.” Arise friends! Let’s change ourselves, our families, our companies and our continent! Yes we can!