Difference between Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary People

Excerpts from the upcoming book – ‘What you have is enough – How to become wildly successful in finance and business starting from where you are now’ by Wilbert R. Mutoko

“The difference between ordinary people and extra-ordinary people is that ordinary people are comfortable to do what they have always done daily; while the extra-ordinary people stretch themselves daily to learn and do what they have never done.

The reason why champions keep winning is because they never get satisfied with where they are. Daily they set new challenges for themselves. The day a champion decides to be comfortable and stop learning; the day the champion stops putting extra-ordinary efforts is the day he becomes ex-champion.

Are you ordinary or extra-ordinary? Do you want to live and die ordinary or you are aggressively pushing yourself to do what you have never done?” ~ Wilbert R. Mutoko



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