Fulfilling Success

Do you really desire to have success in life; not just success, but success with fulfillment? This is my advice – At every stage of life, make sure that you have the following relationships: 1. Upwards – you report to someone or some people who are responsible for your success. If you are a protege or mentee – humble yourself before your upward helper, lest you lose the help. Personally, I do not waste my upward helpers’ time. It is not everything that I ask from them. If they have books and cds, I make sure I buy all of them and read and listen thoroughly because the stories of great people are in their books. They publish books and cds for me to consume, not to chase after the helpers who are busy. I only call them when I have follow-up questions to what they have written or recorded in audios or dvds. A good example of a person who reads his lawyers’ and advisers’ books is Robert Kiyosaki. Examples of upward relations can be your parents, teachers, coach, mentor, adviser, supervisor, accountant, lawyer, role model, customers (I include customers here because if you are not honoring your customers and listening to them you will soon be out of business) etc. 2. Across – you relate well with your spouse, workmates, business partner(s), suppliers etc. Good relationships here means smooth running of your operations. 3. Downwards – have someone or some people that believe in you and you pour your life, time, experience or expertise into them. The downward relationship should not be taken for granted because it is the only way to leave a legacy. Examples include children, junior staff, believers, students, siblings or any person submitting to you. With downwards relations, you have to be careful and patient because majority of people who ask for mentorship today are not serious – they think they know it all and they want quick success. They do not want to grow slowly as you did, rather they want you to give them everything on a silver platter. So choose your proteges carefully, majority are empty dreamers who want get-rich-quick-schemes. But some misbehave due to lack of knowledge and as their up-line, if you persist, they can become great. The goal of having downwards relations is to raise people who are greater than you. Now, that is true success.


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