You are a genius

Reflections with Wilbert R. Mutoko – Author of ‘What you have is Enough – How to become wildly successful in Finance and Business starting from where you are now’

You are a genius

I tell you, you are a genius in something. I know you are wondering what I mean. You possibly failed at school, maybe you are not doing well in business; or things have not worked the way you wanted. It could be because you are doing what you were not meant to do. Slowly begin to take steps towards what you love and what you are wired to do.

One day I heard a physiotherapist discussing with a truck owner. They were very good friends. “I can not imagine massaging people the whole day like you do!” said the truck owner. “I too can not imagine working up midnight to go and rescue a stuck truck somewhere!” responded the physiotherapist. The moral of the story is that both friends were wired for different things.

What are you wired to do? Have you ever seen how you enjoy watching wildlife videos? Have you ever imagined how tough that job is to follow dangerous wildlife in the bush taking videos? It only takes passion to be in that kind of career. I believe you are a genius in something that you possibly have not discovered yet.

Do everything you can to find out what you are wired to do in life. In Chapter 2 of my best-selling book ’15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success​,’ I touched a bit on that. Years ago, I read a book by Sally Eichhorst – ‘If I can, you can’. The book changed my life. Do everything you can to discover you. See you at the top!


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