Did you know that one of the major reasons for your sorrow and bitterness is living in the past? If I come to your house, what pictures will I see on the walls? What pictures do you have on your tablet, phone, laptop or  computer?

Putting up photos of your past only reminds you of past hurts and past successes. However, if you put pictures of your future on your walls; you will be more motivated to become a better person. It helps you to dream big and act accordingly.

Unfortunately, you can not change the past. You can only accept it and go forward. Some people still keep photos of their ex-partner or pictures of their dead loved ones. Such things pile up tears and bitterness in you. Why not start focusing on your today and your tomorrow?

Staying in past glory is equally detrimental. It can cause you to become complacent and stop growing. Put up photos of higher levels of success and happiness.

Can you put up photos of your future white wedding, your future products, your future exploits. Take yourself a photo while you are wearing a graduation gown for your desired course. Put up something that can motivate you.



Time is life. If I know how you spend your time, I can predict your future. Have you ever seen any poor person who values time? Have you ever seen a successful person who does not value time?

Always carry something to read. In a queue, while all people are complaining; as a success minded person, make sure you are reading. While travelling, carry a book to read. Your mind is the most crucial part of you. Develop it and you never regret. Self education is the most fruitful type of education.

School education can not make you happier, healthier or wealthier; so educate self. Every month use 5 to 10% of your earnings to buy books, attend seminars etc. Some people spend too much on the body than the mind. Reflect on this.