Sometimes I sit with my wife reflecting on how coaching and mentorship have built us over the years. We look at each other and wonder where we could be by now spiritually, mentally, financially, business-wise, maritally and career-wise if we had not sought and rewarded mentors and coaches to help us.

My friends, wherever you are; be advised to locate mentors and coaches to guide you and support you. Why suffer and struggle alone in marriage, in business, in finance, spiritually etc when there are people around you that have made it and are willing to hold your hand?

The journey of life is tough. But it gets easier with helpers. If you are not doing something about your situation; things can only get worse. Stop hoping that maybe things will change for the better. I wish you the best for the rest of your life as you make informed decisions. Begin to get coaches and mentors in every area of your life today.


So you want to be more financially free in 2016?

Reflections with Wilbert R. Mutoko – Author of What you have is enough

So you want to be more financially free in 2016?

So you are not happy with where you are currently? I advise you to avoid the route of average people. They know how to talk and complain. But they take no uncommon steps to a glorious future. How many books, cds, teaching videos etc have you gathered so that you will change your level from 2016 going forward?

My friend, success is not by chance. I would rather beef up my library than buy clothes and food. Food and clothes are important yes. But I am emphasizing the essence of investing in you so that you move from glory to glory.

Some people have received prophecy that they shall become great. So they are doing nothing and waiting for the prophecy to happen. That prophecy can be true, but you have to do something for it to be fulfilled.

Imagine that you are a gifted soccer player. Assume that while you were 15 years old; a prophet or God himself told you that you were going to become a great football player. Let us assume that you are now 40 years old and you have never played football for your school, village or local club. Are you sure that one day the prophecy shall be fulfilled?

Stop playing with destiny! Get a coach! Get a mentor! Read books! Attend seminars! Go back to school! Go for refresher courses! Life is real, get moving and stop watching TV throughout as if you have shares at the TV company! Stop wasting your life on social media as if you are a shareholder! Do something with your life! Reduce sleeping my friend! You shall sleep in the grave where no one says ‘move here or move there’. Get down down to self-development and business!

Tough love there. I love you as always.



Some people get it all wrong. They assume that rich people or successful people are greedy. Well, almost all of us are greedy to a certain extent. There are some poor people that are greedier and more wicked.

Anyway, what I mean is this, when you learn to be more generous; whether you have plenty or little, you start on your journey to wealth. Be generous with your time, your skills, your talents, and your resources to people that appreciate you. You will see how high you will climb. If you are generous to people that do not appreciate you, the result is that your efforts are wasted.

For that reason, Jesus did very few miracles in his home town because they despised him. Rather he went where he was appreciated and did more miracles. Same applies to business, discover people that genuinely like the products or services that you offer. Such people demonstrate their appreciation by exchanging what they have i.e. money, for what you have i.e. talent, products or services. In other words, they do not despise you; so they do not claim to want all of you for free. Serve more people that appreciate you. Your customers become happier, healthier or wealthier; and you too become like wise.

Avoid spending time trying to convince people that despise you because of your stature, your skin color, race, place of origin, etc. You will never convince such people. Probably you were not sent to them. Some one somewhere will hopefully serve them and they will be happy.



Bullying can be defined as repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological aggressive behaviour by a person or group directed towards a less powerful person or persons. It includes beating, shoving, tripping, pushing, shouting at, using rude gestures etc. at someone.

Among school children, victims of bullying can have a lasting damage until their adulthood, or for the rest of life. Among working class, bullying includes insults and scaring a junior that they will lose their job. It also includes a senior demanding sexual favours from their junior.

Have you been bullied before? Are you being bullied?

If you allow bullying to influence your life; you can be a sad person for eternity. The after effects of bullying show in trying to get approval from others all the time, doing things because others are doing them, buying expensive gadgets to look better than your mockers, feeling pity for self etc.

Growing up, I was bullied several times. Sometimes I was bullied by my teachers, sometimes by my peers and in some cases I was bullied by neighbours. I used to have a big body that caused me to get a couple of nicknames from people. They would call me a fat and hopeless child.

But what I have discovered is that I had the choice to live according to the labels from society or I create my own destiny. I chose to create my own destiny by first accepting and loving myself just the way I am. It was not easy, but it was worthwhile. I read every motivational book that I could buy. I cut chains with people that talked me down. I located mentors to inspire and guide me. Today I am one of the happiest people on earth.

You too can decide to reject bullying or effects of past bullying and become a happy and original you. You deserve love and you deserve respect. Just avoid people that do not believe in you. Surround yourself with people that believe in you. Read books. Get mentors. All the best.


The worst enemy of success

The worst enemy of success┬áto all of us is the word ‘tomorrow’. Many people do not like their current circumstances, but they take comfort in saying, ‘I will act tomorrow.’


You know that you have ill health, but you say, I will start exercising or eating healthy tomorrow.’


You are failing at school, but you say, ‘I will study tomorrow.’ Your business is going down, and all you say is, ‘I will work hard tomorrow.’ Your marriage is falling apart or your children are misbehaving, yet you promise, ‘I will do something tomorrow.’ You are living a dirty life, and you say, ‘I will clean my habits tomorrow.’


Can I suggest that you organize your life efficiently and do as many things as you can ‘today?’ Tomorrow will never come. Have you ever seen tomorrow?