Some people get it all wrong. They assume that rich people or successful people are greedy. Well, almost all of us are greedy to a certain extent. There are some poor people that are greedier and more wicked.

Anyway, what I mean is this, when you learn to be more generous; whether you have plenty or little, you start on your journey to wealth. Be generous with your time, your skills, your talents, and your resources to people that appreciate you. You will see how high you will climb. If you are generous to people that do not appreciate you, the result is that your efforts are wasted.

For that reason, Jesus did very few miracles in his home town because they despised him. Rather he went where he was appreciated and did more miracles. Same applies to business, discover people that genuinely like the products or services that you offer. Such people demonstrate their appreciation by exchanging what they have i.e. money, for what you have i.e. talent, products or services. In other words, they do not despise you; so they do not claim to want all of you for free. Serve more people that appreciate you. Your customers become happier, healthier or wealthier; and you too become like wise.

Avoid spending time trying to convince people that despise you because of your stature, your skin color, race, place of origin, etc. You will never convince such people. Probably you were not sent to them. Some one somewhere will hopefully serve them and they will be happy.


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