So you want to be more financially free in 2016?

Reflections with Wilbert R. Mutoko – Author of What you have is enough

So you want to be more financially free in 2016?

So you are not happy with where you are currently? I advise you to avoid the route of average people. They know how to talk and complain. But they take no uncommon steps to a glorious future. How many books, cds, teaching videos etc have you gathered so that you will change your level from 2016 going forward?

My friend, success is not by chance. I would rather beef up my library than buy clothes and food. Food and clothes are important yes. But I am emphasizing the essence of investing in you so that you move from glory to glory.

Some people have received prophecy that they shall become great. So they are doing nothing and waiting for the prophecy to happen. That prophecy can be true, but you have to do something for it to be fulfilled.

Imagine that you are a gifted soccer player. Assume that while you were 15 years old; a prophet or God himself told you that you were going to become a great football player. Let us assume that you are now 40 years old and you have never played football for your school, village or local club. Are you sure that one day the prophecy shall be fulfilled?

Stop playing with destiny! Get a coach! Get a mentor! Read books! Attend seminars! Go back to school! Go for refresher courses! Life is real, get moving and stop watching TV throughout as if you have shares at the TV company! Stop wasting your life on social media as if you are a shareholder! Do something with your life! Reduce sleeping my friend! You shall sleep in the grave where no one says ‘move here or move there’. Get down down to self-development and business!

Tough love there. I love you as always.


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