One woman went to Jesus Christ with his two sons, “Master please promote my sons so that one will sit on your right hand and the other on your left.” Jesus inturn asked the woman, “Can your sons drink of the cup that I drink?”

Jesus was trying to ask the woman whether his sons were ready to pay the price for greatness. Were they willing to sacrifice for the leadership positions?  Did they understand that it was not about the leadership position, but responsibilty, servanthood and accountability?

Definitely the mother in this story had a good wish for her children so that they could become great leaders. The only thing she did not understand was that leadership and greatness do not come by wishing or by mere placement. Rather, great leadership comes through paying the price; that is, drinking the cup of pain and sacrifice inorder to help others achieve their goals and make the world a better place.

For Jesus the price he paid for great leadership was isolation, continuous criticism, not being understood, beatings and dying a shameful death on the cross like a criminal when he was not a criminal. All this, Jesus did to save other people including you and me.

However, in today’s world we have very few leaders because many are looking for short cuts. They avoid ‘drinking the cup’, yet they want leadership positions.

Are you ready to drink your cup? Are you sure that you really want to be successful in leadership? Then, stop complaining and pay the price!


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