The other day at the gym I shared a conversation with a 50-year-old professional lady whom I will call Pretty. What I liked most about Pretty was her positive mentality.

Pretty told me a story about her dear friend that had passed on a few days back. She said, “That friend of mine, Priscilla (not real name) was a real fighter. She was diagnosed with breast cancer some years ago. She battled with cancer, but you would never tell from her face. Priscilla was a jovial person. She always looked at life with a positive outlook.

“Priscilla lived longer than she ever thought. There is no day when I saw her downcast or looking pitiful. Priscilla gave many of us hope. She refused to be controlled by emotions and thoughts of the dreadful disease. Even though she went through chemotherapy, you would never know it unless she told you.

“She is one example of a person that taught me and others how to live and die with grace.”

What is the moral of the story? We all need to learn to be grateful for every opportunity. This includes the opportunity to be alive. Many people would have liked to be alive, but they could not make it. Many people would have loved to earn a salary of 500 or 5000. But either they earn less, or they have no job.

Some people would have loved to have shelter. But they have none.

Many that are starving will be grateful to eat the left-overs that you are throwing in the refuse bin. But you are murmuring that you do not have enough luxury.

Some people would be glad to wear the old clothes in your wardrobe, yet you are complaining about the good clothes that you have.

Many men and women would be grateful to just have one child, but they are barren. Yet you have four or six children and you grumble daily.

Meanwhile, there are some people in their thirties or forties that are still looking for a life partner. You have a life partner whom you actually take for granted!

There are people who wish they had a business. But you have one, and instead of appreciating the business; you decide to complain.

There is nothing wrong with desiring more. But start by appreciating what you have.

One word. Appreciate what you have and take care of it until your last day on earth. That is what I call living and dying with grace.

Copyright © 2016 Wilbert R. Mutoko





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