When success knocks on your door

Have you ever noticed that sometimes success comes to you in disguise? Have you seen how you can easily refuse new challenges because it is natural to enjoy the comfort zone? Remember the time in school when they chose you to become class monitor and you refused? Remember the time when you were chosen to be the next manager and you turned down the offer? What about when your coach voted you to be the team captain and you said ‘NO’.

Sounds familiar, right? When success knocks on your door, be ready to say, ‘yes I will give this a trial.’ Be willing to get out of your usual place of comfort if you want to achieve more in life. Be ready go the extra mile.

If you want to pass more at school. Develop guts and confront your weaknesses. Instead of hating that marker who commented you as a …; go to them with a heart of humility and ask for clarification. If you have such a teacher or lecturer who is tough on you, then success is knocking at your door.

So you want promotion or a pay raise at work? Instead of only doing only what you were hired to do, ask for more responsibilities from your supervisor. Do your work well and ask if your leader has any work overwhelming them which you can help. Promotion does not just come. You have to work for it. You are not promoted because you have stayed in the workplace longer than others, but for the value that you are adding. So the next time you push for a promotion or pay hike; ask yourself ‘What extra value have I been adding of late?’ If your leader/supervisor has problems or too much work to do; then success is knocking at your door.

So you have been job hunting for a long time? Do you not think that success is knocking at your door? Probably the fact that you have not yet found a job could mean that you can start your own business. For how long shall you complain and keep searching for a job?

Do you have a problem that is giving you sleepless nights? Do you know that there are many other people suffering from the same problem? What if you design a solution which will help you and others? Do you realize that success is knocking at your door?

So you are in business? Are things not going the way you wish? Probably your solution lies in your unhappy clients or disgruntled employees. Never take unhappy clients and employees for granted. Research suggests that less than 10% of unhappy clients and employees will ever tell you openly that they are not happy with you. The majority of people will leave you alone. Before your best employee ditches you, it is your duty to find out what better things you can do for them. Before your best clients leave you; it should be your sole mandate to always find out how you can please them more. Your clients are the reason why you are in business. Otherwise, remember there is competition, and 90% of your clients will leave you without telling you what wrong you  have done. So, the next time an employee or client confronts you for poor service or misconduct; listen carefully to them and address the issues they bring up. This is because an employee or client upset with you could signal higher levels of success knocking at your door.

Similarly, when you get an opportunity to travel to a new place, take it up. If no opportunity comes along for travel; you have to create an opportunity for traveling so that you will see what you have never seen. That could take you to the next level.

When success knocks at your door …

Copyright © 2016 Wilbert R. Mutoko (Best-selling author, Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Business Development Expert & Educator)




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