Which 3 or 4 books are you currently reading?

Allow me to say that you are either reading or your mind is decaying.

The 4 books that I am currently reading are:

  1. Route to Financial Success – Faiz Versey (Botswana)
  2. Retire Rich through Property – Jason Lee (South Africa)
  3. Winning Invisible Battles – Bishop David Oyedepo (Nigeria)
  4. Research Methods for Business Students – Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill (England)

I am very grateful for books whether local or international; hence my library has various books from all over the world touching all disciplines – family, spiritual, ministry, motivational & inspirational, financial, career, business and health. However, for two major reasons, for the past few years; I am beefing up my library with books from SADC and Africa at large. My reasons are:

  1. To support local writers. I am privileged to be a best-selling author and I know the hustle of writing a book and selling it. If it was not for Africans, I would not be a writer. Let’s support our writers. Many times people complain that Africans are a shameful and consuming people that produce nothing. So then if we are really eager to see Africa shining; when our brothers and sisters write books, why not support them by buying their books, inviting them to speak at corporate functions and of course paying them well? That is the only way we can fully transform the continent.
  2. The world believes that Africans do not read. That might be true. But with all due respect, people sometimes do not read because they do not understand the setting of the book and the author. While some things apply across the world, some things can only be understood by a certain people. In other words, some books can help anyone internationally and globally, but some apply to Africa only. I am talking about relevance here.
  3. African books appeal to us because we share many things in common as Africans. I remember when I published my best-selling book ‘15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success – A Simple Guide to Financial Freedom’; we quarreled with my publisher in UK for 45 minutes on mobile phone because he was refusing to bring the book to Africa saying: ‘there is no market in Africa. People there do not read books. We are in business Wilbert and not a charity. We will therefore not reduce the price as you suggest and we will not bring the book to Africa where there are no buyers. ’ I retaliated in anger, ‘look, I wrote that book for Africans who understand my culture and background. My people here think that finance is difficult because of the finance books which they have seen here which have difficult terminology. Now I have simplified finance for my people and you deny them an opportunity. NO! You in the first world have enough authors. This book has to come to Africa. I did not write it for money, but to serve my people. I do not mind you selling the book anywhere you like, but I demand that copies must come to Africa.’ It was a fight until the book came, transformed lives and companies in Botswana, Zimbabwe, SA and beyond. When I later published my two other books: 16 Mistakes Singles Make – A Guide to Successful Dating & Courtship that leads to Blissful Marriage and What you have is Enough – how to become wildly successful in finance and business starting from where you are now, I decided to avoid conflicts with international publishers and published my books locally. Guess what more lives and companies have been changed. While Africa has been the laughing stock of the world, tables have turned in our favor. So I advise you help Africa shine.
  4. The research done in Africa can mainly benefit Africans. For example, I did an 8-month long research in 2015 on the challenges of small, medium and micro enterprises in Botswana. 100 SMMEs took part by filling in structured questionnaires and 3 commercial bank managers were interviewed. Part of the findings of that research was included in my second book – What you Have is Enough– how to become wildly successful in finance and business starting from where you are now. Which country or continent do you think benefits most from such a book? Does the book help everyone across the world in the same way?

Last words: We are extremely grateful to all authors all over the world. We are benefiting a lot from your books. Nevertheless, we need to support African writers to encourage them to research and write more. This I believe will reduce Africa’s over-dependency on other continents for everything. Imagine that the amount of research output from Africa is so tiny, yet we have many educate people in Africa! Imagine on YouTube, almost all the useful videos you find there are done people of other continents. When will Africans arise and begin to teach others about different things on YouTube; rather posting only comedy videos. By the way, I value comedy videos and I think posting them YouTube is a step in the right direction. We need to go further than that and share videos that teach about various issues of life. By so doing Africans will be of help to the rest of the world. Thank you.

Written by Wilbert R. Mutoko Copyright © March 2016

No part of this article can be used without referencing the author.


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