5 September 2016

By Wilbert R. Mutoko

If you are a workaholic like me, you want to keep working and working and working. But there is a danger. If you keep working without relaxing a bit and or having fun; you risk a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual break-down.

I have also realized that sometimes people are too much under pressure because of other people’s success or progress. My friend, it is good to learn from others. But, you should not have sleepless nights because of other people’s progress.

Appreciate the success you have attained so far. You have worked hard to become the brand you are today. Why not appreciate that and grow at your pace?

Yes, you are staying in a one room, while others stay in big houses. You might be earning minimum wage, below-minimum wage, or internship allowance. You may even be unemployed at the moment. Yes, you are still walking or you drive a small car, while others are in big motor vehicles. Yes, your child goes to a public school, while others’ children attend private schools. I know that you lack certain necessities which others have.

But guess what? Just be you. It’s okay to slow down sometimes. It’s okay to look back at your progress and be grateful, rather than complaining and wishing you were like so and so.

It’s okay to slow down sometimes and rest. It’s just okay. Don’t kill yourself with work. Don’t kill yourself looking for a job 24/7. Rest a bit and continue another day. Don’t kill yourself with envy.

It’s just okay to slow down sometimes. Remember I am not saying slow down always. I am saying sometimes.

All the best my friend. I love you as always.

To your success




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