Iron sharpeneth iron

Reflections with Wilbert R. Mutoko

13 September 2016

So you are aware that iron sharpens iron?
Do you really believe that you are iron caliber?

Iron is strong
Iron doesn’t easily bend
Iron is not mined on ground surface
But you sweat to dig deep and get it
That’s why not everyone mines iron

Iron when rubbed against another iron gets sharper
If you are truly iron
Why do you hang around with wood and mud caliber of people?
I don’t mean that you should despise other people
I just mean to say, how can 2 walk together unless they agree
Friendship is not by force, but by choice
Iron sharpens iron

Are your fellows sharpening you or they are making you blunt?
Are your colleagues enhancing you or they are diminishing you?
Remember iron sharpens iron.
Scrutinize your associations lest you reduce in value

Be good. Share this with 20 friends and remind them to associate with right people


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