Reflections with Wilbert R. Mutoko – Definition of Success

21 September 2016
Do not allow anyone to define success for you.
To Jesus Christ, success meant winning souls back to God – bringing us salvation, healing and deliverance. Jesus was willing to do this by paying through His own blood, and so He did.
To Mother Theresa, success meant taking care of the less privileged and to spread the message of love.
To Nelson Mandela, success meant freeing the people of South Africa from apartheid and uniting the nation through forgiveness.
To Bill Gates, success means amassing billions of money so he can be able to assist multitudes of people worldwide with malaria drugs, sponsoring upcoming entrepreneurs etc.
To Thomas Edison, success meant lots of inventions – including the light bulb.
To Henry Ford, success meant making a car that could be afforded anyone. To make cars available to the masses.
To Steve Jobs, success meant coming up with innovative products to satisfy global market demand.
To Sekuru Kaguvi, Sekuru Chaminuka and Mbuya Nehanda; success meant fighting the Rhodesian oppressors including paying for Zimbabweans’ freedom with their blood.
To John the Baptist, success meant paving the way for Jesus Christ by preaching his coming.
What is your definition of Success?
Stop living other people’s dreams and stress yourself unnecessarily. You are unique. Therefore, define success according to you and pursue it.
To me, success is raising as many leaders as I can, everywhere possible through business mentorship, life coaching, speaking, training and writing. I write books, articles and social media communique to inspire and empower thousands of people across the world. My joy is in empowering people.
Share this and save a life.

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