26th June 2017

With Dr. Wilbert R. Mutoko

I am privileged to be a giver. I give money, advice, ideas, information, comfort, inspiration, motivation, joy, peace, listening ears and much more.

When you think of giving, what naturally comes to mind is giving money.

Most less privileged people think that all they require to become fortunate is money.

What most potential entrepreneurs think they need to start and grow their business is money.

Almost everybody believes that their life could get better when they get more money.

However, what I have realized is that it is not always about money.

Sometimes all you need is a listening person.

Sometimes you need a destiny helper to assist you or to link you up with helpful people.

In some cases, all you need is someone to give you their ears.

In other cases, all you need is someone giving you advice, mentorship or a book to read.

My conclusion, therefore is that you should avoid giving people money only because  those people may need more than money. If you just give them money, you may be disappointed to see them not appreciating the money. Thus, before you help people, make an assessment of what exactly they need.

Similarly, you should not always be on the lookout for money handouts. You may miss out great opportunities that come in as, time with a successful person or relevant advice.



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