Gaborone, Botswana

Bio: Briefly I am a great lover of people. I am a passionate educator and Best-selling Author of '15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success', author of '16 Mistakes Singles Make Vol One' and 'What you have is Enough.' I am passionate about encouraging the discouraged and to empower people and organizations with knowledge and skills to boost productivity. I am accredited by Botswana Qualifications Authority to train entrepreneurship, business management and financial courses. My belief is that all people can be successful if only they allow themselves to learn first how to be successful in their relationships. Welcome and enjoy. BIOGRAPHY Wilbert R. Mutoko the ‘Financial Doctor’ is a best-selling author. Author | BQA accredited Financial Educator | Entrepreneurship & Business Leadership Educator | BQA accredited Personal Financial Planning Professional Mutoko is a member of Association of Botswana Financial Advisers (ABFA). He is accredited as a trainer by Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) and South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Wilbert is a final year PhD scholar in Business Management from North West University, South Africa. Among other qualifications, Mutoko possesses an MBA from MANCOSA, South Africa; an International Certificate in Wealth Management from CISI, UK; an Award in Financial Planning from CII, UK; ICSAZ Part C; and a Diploma in Education from University of Zimbabwe. School and career Wilbert is a Zimbabwean native born on 2nd May 1975. He did his primary education at Mutoko Primary School 1982 to 1988. His secondary education was at Dewedzo Secondary School from 1989 to 1992. 1993 he attended Form 5 at Nyatsime College in Chitungwiza. But due to lack of school fees, Wilbert had to move to Marondera to do Form 6 at Nyameni High School in 1994. That was an evening school where Mutoko attended class alongside working class people. He was always a hard worker and believed in being top of the class. Wilbert got this excellence attitude from his father. Unfortunately, Wilbert Mutoko was ill between March and October 1994 and he had to stop going to school. On 17 October 1994, pastors at Miracle Centre, Mutare helped him to accept Jesus Christ as personal Saviour and they prayed for him to be healed. He was healed instantly and went back to school to write A-Level examinations starting from 21 October 1994. Unfortunately his A-Level results were affected by the period that he was away from school. He therefore scored nine points and could not qualify to study for his preferred degree at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ). UZ offered Mutoko to study for a degree in Political Administration (PolAd). He was not interested in PolAd, so he refused the UZ offer. In 1995 Rewai Wilbert Mutoko got a job as a temporary secondary school teacher at Mazarura Secondary School in Nyanga, Zimbabwe. That was between May and August 1995. Between September and December 1995 he was transferred to teach as a temporary secondary school teacher at Crossdale Secondary School in Nyanga, Zimbabwe. Then he enrolled at Mutare Teachers’ College under University of Zimbabwe, specializing in Accounts/Geography 1996 to 1998. Between January 1999 and June 2002 Rewai Wilbert Mutoko worked as a qualified high school teacher in Zimbabwe. In 2002 June he got a job in Botswana as a high school teacher until January 2008 when he quit teaching to go fulltime into a business that he had started in 2003. Rewai Wilbert Mutoko studied for Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators between 2000 and 2005 and ended on Part C, which helped me to enrol for MBA in 2007. I graduated in 2010 with MBA. In Botswana from 2003 up to date Wilbert and his wife Coach Princess (Phillis Mutoko) have run consultancy, training, pest control, car sales businesses. The couple love teaching, training and raising entrepreneurs and leaders. As a best-selling author, and seasoned Motivational, Business and Financial Speaker, Rewai Wilbert Mutoko has transformed lives of thousands in Botswana, South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Rewai Wilbert Mutoko has consulted, trained in and spoken for organizations, such as British Council, Barclays Bank, Mapleton Finance, Lifeline, and Office of the Ombudsman, Government Departments and churches. The churches include Winners Chapel International, Assemblies of God, Forward in Faith Ministries International, Anglican Church, United Methodist, Bread of Life, Revealed Word Ministries and Christ Citadel Church. In the past Rewai Wilbert Mutoko served as a business subjects’ teacher for eight years. He then became an Independent Financial Planner at Southern Cross International Finance. After that he served as Managing Director for The ProFin Group (Botswana). Currently he serves as a senior lecturer for entrepreneurship and business leadership at a university in Gaborone, Botswana. Wilbert is passionate about raising leaders that will wipe away ignorance. Ignorance causes the shame of Africa (poverty, diseases, ignorance, and misuse of funds, lack of accountability, greed and corruption). His aim is to reduce Africa’s ignorance through mind-shift activities such as lecturing, training people in workshops, conferences and seminars; writing helpful books and articles; and motivational speaking on radio and television. Rewai also writes for various magazines and newspapers. He has written over 100 articles on personal finance, personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship. The articles are published in various media, including, internet, Wealth Magazine, the Economic Insight Magazine; Botswana Schools Guide Magazine, The Mining Insight Magazine, Mmegi Newspaper, Voice Newspaper and Echo Newspaper. Mutoko has addressed the nation of Botswana several times on financial issues and personal development through Yarona FM, Gabs FM, RB2 FM, Duma FM and E-Botswana TV. Early Life Rewai Wilbert Mutoko grew up in rural Rusape in a village called Mutoko under chief Nedewedzo, Makoni West District, and Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe. He is a rural boy. He grew up helping his parents and five siblings with household chores such as cooking, fetching water, fetching firewood, gardening and subsistence farming. He attended Mutoko Primary School from 1982 to 1988 where he emerged the best student at Grade 7. All credit goes to his mother, Irene Mutoko and his late father, Mark T. Mutoko who always emphasized the importance of education even though they themselves only had a primary school education. While other parents would cause their children to miss school so that they do farming and other household chores, his parents never wanted their children to miss school for any reason. His father consistently demanded more and more excellence from him and the whole family. Honestly it was heavy on Rewai and the rest of his siblings, but that set a foundation for all of the children to desire and seek excellence in everything that they do – a habit that is in Wilbert to this day. Whatever he does, he goes an extra mile. As mentioned earlier, in 1989 Rewai Wilbert Mutoko joined Dewedzo Secondary School which is approximately 8 km away from home. He was a day scholar (no boarding), which meant that he had to walk a total of about 16 km per day to and fro school. To make matters worse his village, Mutoko, is on top of a plateau with a cool climate and it rains a lot. Life was really tough. Waking up time was a hustle. If he wanted to reach school in time, Rewai had to wake up as early as 3am or 4am to prepare and finish up homework. Coming back from school was another hustle. After a whole day of learning and general work (manual work) Rewai Wilbert Mutoko was faced with climbing the plateau back home. He had to do manual work because the school did not have grounds men and cleaners. Furthermore, oftentimes, after manual work; students had to do further manual work as punishment for late-coming in the morning. That meant Wilbert would arrive home around 8pm to 9pm from school with home works to be done and household chores; still expecting to rise early the following morning if it was a school day. If the following day was not a school day, Wilbert would have to wake up as early as 1am or 2am to work for the family. Depending on the season, the family either went to the fields that early or they went to repair the garden or something. One challenge was running to and from school daily. The rocks and stones on the road to and from school caused shoes to wear off quickly. So Wilbert learnt to go to school without shoes in some cases. It was never easy. Rewai Wilbert Mutoko remembers that during 1992 when he was doing O-Level, his mid-year examination results were seven ‘As’ and one ‘U’. The ‘U’ was for Mathematics. His father was so angry with Wilbert. So in August of 1992 when schools were closed for holiday Wilbert found a tutor to help him. Thanks to the Mathematics tutor, when Rewai sat for Mathematics 3 months later he turned his Maths ‘U’ into a ‘C’. It is amazing how hunger for knowledge and success can propel one to do things they never thought they could do. This gave Wilbert confidence to go ahead and do Accounting at A-Level which is a number’s game; yet he had always feared numbers. His parents were tough such that, growing up, other children felt pity for Wilbert and his siblings. But it helped Rewai Wilbert Mutoko because he never took cigarettes, beer or drugs. Where would he do that? Even the day his dad gave him examination fees (1992) – his father woke everybody up that night, including the youngest brother who by then was 4 years old. Dad told Wilbert in front of the whole family, “You have to pass your O-Levels. I have toiled to get this money with my humble job. I actually had to borrow money to augment my meagre wages to pay for your examination fees. If it happens that you fail your examinations; I am no longer your dad. If you fail at school, I do not want to see you again. Even if you meet me in a bus travelling together; you shouldn’t greet me.” The message was loud and clear. As you would anticipate, even though Wilbert was faced with many challenges; he emerged one of the best students at O-Level at Dewedzo Secondary School in 1992. He was tie with two other class mates. Wilbert had to pass his O-Level examinations with flying colours. He had no choice. This is clear evidence that whatever you set your mind to do, you can do it. While Rewai Wilbert Mutoko was doing O-Level, his dad made it clear that he would not be able to take him to A-Level because his limited income could only pay for fees for Wilbert’s younger siblings. Then a certain prominent man came to Dewedzo Secondary School and promised to sponsor the best 3 or 5 students to study A-Level. Automatically Wilbert qualified as he was one of the best students. But did the man sponsor Wilbert? Oh, no! Wilbert went through untold suffering! Wilbert got a place for A-Level first year at Nyatsime College in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. The prominent man who promised to fund his education never funded his fees. Therefore, Rewai was chased from school several times for lack of school fees. By end of 1993 Rewai Wilbert Mutoko left for a small town called Marondera, Zimbabwe; where his father yet again sacrificed to pay A-Level fees at a part time evening school. Wilbert soldiered and passed A-Levels averagely because he had fallen ill and stopped going to school for over 6 months. That was 1994. Perseverance in the face of challenges Was Wilbert discouraged by the happenings in his life? Was he dismayed by the average A-Level results? Of course Rewai Wilbert Mutoko was discouraged because he had always desired to study at University of Zimbabwe (UZ). Unfortunately, Rewai Wilbert Mutoko could not go to university. He only qualified to go to a secondary school teacher training college. After completion, he started studying for Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. By then he was teaching in a remote school. Wilbert’s colleagues laughed at him as to why he had to continue with school, but he knew that he wanted to be great in life. Between 2002 and 2006 Wilbert fought with ICSA studies, failing some modules and re-writing. It was tough, but with stage C of ICSA that was deemed equivalent to a first degree in accounting or business studies. By the end of 2006, Rewai applied for MANCOSA MBA using stage C of ICSA and his business experience. MANCOSA accepted Wilbert application to study MBA and in 2007 he started first year. It was a real sacrifice. Wilbert’s monthly salary by then was about R5 000 (US$500) per month and his MBA fees were about R2 500 (US$250) per month. Monthly house rental was about R1 875 (US$188). Think of other expenses! Wilbert’s wife and he had to augment their income with small businesses to survive. In April 2010, Wilbert graduated with MBA. He did not stop there, but kept studying until he got to PhD in Business Management in 2016. It was a long journey, but worth it. When Rewai Wilbert Mutoko increased education from ICSA to MBA, my income became seven-fold. Guess how my income increases with PhD. Apart from formal schooling, Rewai Wilbert Mutoko also does personal study in his balanced personal library. Personal development is one of the best education programs you can ever engage in. He tries to read a minimum of four books per month to develop himself in health, spiritual life, mind, business, career and finances. How Rewai Wilbert Mutoko acquired the nick name ‘The Financial Doctor’ Wilbert has always been passionate about empowering people with financial knowledge. This is because many people, no matter how educated they can be; they lack financial literacy which results in misuse of money. But his nick name came in 2010 when he was practising as an Independent Financial Adviser. His clients, radio fans and TV fans felt that although Wilbert did motivation and leadership speeches; his main area of exploits was financial planning consultancy and financial wellness training/speaking. So Wilbert’s followers and customers gave him the nickname ‘The Financial Doctor.’ When Wilbert published his best-selling book – 15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success in 2012; the book made so much impact in and around Botswana as well as South Africa and other countries until the book became a best seller since May 2015. The book has cemented Rewai Wilbert Mutoko’s nickname. When organisations think of inviting a financial speaker, they think of him first. When Botswana radio stations want someone to give financial advice to the nation, they usually want to invite Wilbert. Now the trend of Wilbert being invited to coach, speak or train people on finances has spread to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya and hopefully to the rest of Africa. Although it can be overwhelming sometimes to be invited everywhere to speak on finance; these days it is better because Wilbert’s wife Coach Princess is also a financial coach and trainer. So wherever Rewai Wilbert Mutoko cannot honour an invitation due to tight schedule; he sends his wife to speak. Coach Princess has been doing a phenomenal job – speaking to major organizations and speaking on radio. So the nick name – ‘The Financial Doctor’ came through Rewai Wilbert Mutoko’s passion to write and speak so he transforms people’s thinking about money. Over the past six years, Rewai Wilbert Mutoko has coached and mentored hundreds of leaders, entrepreneurs and managers. Turning point Wilbert’s turning point was the day he got born again and healed of a bunch of life threatening illnesses in 1994. He became so positive about life, and almost everything he does is influenced by his understanding and appreciation of the love of Christ. Rewai Wilbert Mutoko says that he loves his audience. He loves his readers. He loves his clients. He loves family. He loves people. That is why he is into talent development and grooming of leaders. Wilbert believes that we can leave Africa better than we found it. Books written by Rewai Wilbert Mutoko Wilbert has authored three books: the first book is the best-selling ‘15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success – A Simple Step-by-Step Plan for Financial Freedom.’ (2012). The second one is ‘16 Mistakes Singles Make Vol. 1 – A Guide to Successful Dating and Courtship that leads to Blissful Marriage’ (2014); The third book is ‘What you have is Enough – How to become wildly successful in Finance and Business starting from where you are now. https://www.facebook.com/Book-What-You-Have-is-Enough-895724640476639/’ (December 2015) Remarkable mentors or advisors Rewai Wilbert Mutoko says that he is forever grateful for his aunt’s advice and motivation – Mavis Mutoko-Gororo (MHSRIP). Wilbert states that what his father Mark Mutoko (MHSRIP), and mother Irene Mutoko contributed to his life causes him to desire to help more people achieve their best in life. Rewai is glad that today he is called father by many scholars, youths and adults alike because he is contributing into their human development. Financially and business wise, Wilbert says that he has immensely been influenced by the works of Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Robbin Sharma, Suze Orman and Robert Kiyosaki. Spiritually, Wilbert says that he has mainly been moulded by teachings and lives of Prof Ezekiel Guti (ZAOGA, Zimbabwe), Dr David Oyedepo (Winners Chapel, Nigeria), Pastor Korede Komaiya (The Master’s Place, Nigeria), Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa (UFIC, Zimbabwe), Dr. Mike Murdock (The Wisdom Centre, USA), Pastor Benny Hinn (Benny Hinn Ministries, USA) and David Yonggi Cho (Yoido Full Gospel Church, South Korea). What keeps Wilbert going? Wilbert says that what excites him most is when he gets testimonies of changed lives through his preaching, financial/business coaching, business mentorship, writings, books or training. That gives him maximum satisfaction. The fulfilment Wilbert gets from testimonies of changed lives through his works is more than money. He loves changing lives. Philanthropy Wilbert and his wife regularly donate food, money and clothes in orphanages, to widows and physically challenged people. Wilbert believes that he owns nothing in this world. He says that unless the Lord gives you something to be a steward, you cannot have anything. Therefore he advocates sharing with the less privileged. So far he has donated books to orphanages and universities in over four countries. This is work-in-progress. Rewai is also keen on spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and supporting people in the vine yard of the Lord. He currently serves as an associate pastor at Winners Chapel International, Gaborone, Botswana. Rewai Wilbert Mutoko’s definition of success? Wilbert defines ‘success as continuous progress in your pursuits.’ ‘Success is being able to continuously deliver excellent results in your line of duty.’ ‘Success is not having a lot of money; although having a lot of money can help you to become more successful. Success is being able to positively affect more and more lives with what you have.’ What economic cause(s) does Wilbert support/advocate for? Teaching and grooming people on entrepreneurship and money. Wilbert passionately wants people to know that job creation can change any economy. But it is not the work of governments to create jobs. Governments should create a conducive environment for businesses to start and thrive. It is the private sector that can reduce poverty and create employment. Who is the private sector? The private sector is you and Wilbert. Wilbert also wants everyone to learn how to make and grow money. Money is not taught in schools; so all of us must read books, attend seminars etc. to equip ourselves with financial knowledge. Links: whoswho.co.za/wilbert-mutoko-1750428 • https://bw.linkedin.com/.../wilbert-mutoko-author-15-secrets-for-financial-s... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqYg5nUoAiM https://www.facebook.com/blessed.mutoko https://www.facebook.com/...Wilbert-R-Mutoko/252383478301464 https://www.facebook.com/public/Blessed-Wilbert-Mutoko https://twitter.com/wilbertmutoko ezinearticles.com › Expert Authors ABFA - Membership - the Association of Botswana Financial . http://www.mmegi.bw/index.php?sid=2&aid=170&dir=2007/july/... Broke Nation Make your millions. It's time. • • •

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