5th February 2018

By Dr Wilbert R. Mutoko


Opportunities are not permanent. Therefore, exploit them swiftly.

Opportunities usually come through people that you do not expect. There are people who are unemployed, uneducated, poor or ill today. Many will not be keen to assist such because they can not see the invisible; the great future hidden in those unfortunate people. If you disregard someone and they later become great, you will have missed.

Furthermore, a challenge or crisis can be an opportunity. Seize it.

Being honest, ethical and kind can be an opportunity to be great and favored. Saying ‘NO’ to corruption could present an opportunity for promotion, now or in future.

Opportunities are everywhere. All we need is to be prepared, to open our eyes, and to act swiftly when opportunity knocks.

What opportunities have you missed in the past?

What opportunities came to you as challenges and you exploited them?

What opportunities came to you as people suffering; you helped them expecting nothing in return, and later it benefited you?

What opportunities are ahead of you?

Are you ready for the coming opportunities, whether challenges, people etc?



With Dr. Wilbert R. Mutoko (PhD)

14 June 2017

In every quarter, people are being encouraged with motivational words that cause them to focus on their dreams.

Focusing on the future is very good and I inspire many people to do the same.

However, I have realized that sometimes we emphasize too much on the future and forget about today and even yesterday.

If you ignore your yesterday and today, how do you make your tomorrow successful?

I know that some people propose that we must never think about yesterday for it is past. But, have you ever heard that history has a tendency to repeat itself? There is nothing new under the sun. You and I can still learn from our past successes and past mistakes alike so that our dreams can be more informed and better shaped.

What happens if you forget your today, and instead focus on your dreams? You neglect your present responsibilities in exchange for a future that you have not even grasp as yet.

In conclusion, let us all learn from our past, let us maximize our present opportunities and take daily steps that lead to successful fulfillment of our dreams. Otherwise, we may sit and wait for a better future which may never come.



12 MAY 2017


With Dr. Wilbert R. Mutoko

I came across the testimony of a Pastor that was raped on her wedding day and later lost her husband. Watching her narrating the story was so touching. However, what encourages most is the fact that she has moved on with life and she is a happy and successful woman.

It doesn’t matter what you are going through. Hold on and fight. You will emerge a winner if only you do not give up.

I love you and I am waiting for that day when you share your testimony of triumph.

Life can be rough. But keep fighting!

Here is the link to the video:



8 May 2017


With Dr Wilbert R. Mutoko


I see business leaders repeat the same mistake over and over again, and it worries me. Some managers expect their staff members to give customers an exceptional experience. But the managers do not give their staff exceptional work experience.

As a leader, if you truly want your team to maximize productivity and to treat customers as they should be treated – as kings and queens, you will have to start treating your juniors as your customers. Then your juniors will go ahead and give a wow customer service to the consumers.

How do you expect demotivated employees to give best service?

How do you expect unsettled employees to give customers a settled service?

Does your team feel welcome in the workplace?

Does your staff go the extra mile because you as the leader go the extra mile to address their welfare concerns?

Are you aware that it is more costly to look for new employees than to keep the existing ones?

If you are ill-treating your juniors, are you aware that instead of them spending time adding value to your organization and to customers; your staff spends time looking for jobs elsewhere?

Are you willing to give your staff an exceptional experience so that in turn they do the same to customers?

I hope you choose to do the needful. Treat your team with honor and see them treat customers with honor. If they do not treat customers well, yet you treat your staff well, then there is no choice, you have my vote to relieve such staff from their duties.




Never tire from chasing your dream

2 May 2017


With Dr. Wilbert R. Mutoko

When you are chasing your dream, people may not understand you. Tough times will discourage you. Adverse circumstances will come your way, but keep your eye on the end result. If you don’t give up, we will soon celebrate with you.

Between February 2014 and December 2016, I embarked on a degree in Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Management. The journey was tough. Many times I thought of quitting. But I kept going because I was looking at the goal. I kept going mainly because of God’s grace. I kept going because of wonderful family, friends, workmates and acquaintances. I am so grateful to all of you and those that took part in my research. You are so precious to me, to Botswana, to SADC, to Africa and the world at large.

Graduation was on 25 April 2017 at North-West University, Mafikeng, South Africa and it was so colorful.

I love you!

The sky can not limit you.

See you at the top!

# From rural boy to Doctor of Business Management.
# All things are possible.
#Time to serve my continent. #Inspiration. # You will make it!



10 November 2016
Each time people ask me for the best 3 secrets for success, I tell them:
1) Integrity
2) Integrity
3) Integrity
According to Oxford Dictionary (online), Integrity refers to “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.”
According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary (online) Integrity refers to “firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values”
No matter how talented you are. No matter how gifted you are. No matter how educated you are. If you lack integrity. If you not faithful, not honest, not trustworthy, not dependable; your future is doomed.
I encourage you to maintain integrity in everything you do. It pays tomorrow and generations after you have left the world.

Interview: Pastor Sunday Adelaja – A Renowned Change Agent, Pastor, Author, and Leadership Speaker (Ukraine, Europe)

9th November 2016

Today at Success in Business & Career (SBC) we speak to Pastor Sunday Adelaja (SA) – a Gifted Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Author and Businessman based in Ukraine (Europe). Pastor Sunday is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Embassy of God Church, reputed as one of Europe’s largest churches.

Interviewer: Wilbert R. Mutoko [Author, Life Coach, Personal Finance Coach, Business Mentor, Corporate Trainer, Educator, Pastor, Marriage/Relationship Counsellor and Blogger].

Part One

(SBC) Pastor Sunday Adelaja, welcome and thank you for spending time with us at Success in Business & Career.

(SA) Thank you for having me Wilbert.

(SBC) Can you start by giving our followers a brief background of yourself, your experience, education and current career status?

(SA)  I am a Nigerian. I studied Journalism. I am the Senior Pastor of God Embassy Church. The rest can be found on my blog.

(SBC) Pastor Sunday, what is your favourite meal and drink?

(SA) I am not keen on any particular food or drink. I eat anything.

(SBC) What is your motto and what drives you?

(SA) I want to subdue the world for Jesus Christ. I want to impose God upon my generation.

(SBC) Is there a set of values that you live by?

(SA) Jesus died for me. I must live for Christ. My life is no longer mine, but it is Christ that lives in me

(SBC) People talk much about the need for mentorship. What is your take on that? And who are your mentors?

(SA) I learn from many people across the world, in different spheres of life.

(SBC) What about your wake up time and sleep time? How many hours do you normally sleep and why?

(SA) I go to bed after 12 midnight. I sleep 4 hours, wake up to do some work, then I sleep another one hour. Then I am up for the day.

(SBC) Wow! That is so inspiring, Dr Sunday. Would you like to tell us anything about family?

(SA) Wow! Family is the only thing that one has. All other people will leave one day or the other, but family sticks with you. So, family is precious.

(SBC) WOW! Pastor Sunday, this is amazing so far. Now, to get where you are there is a story, how did it all start? How did you become born again and ultimately a mega church pastor?

(SA) God saved me while watching a TV programme. 6 months later I left to go for school in Russia. The rest of the story is everywhere on the internet.

(SBC) Pastor Sunday, did you have any life-changing experiences that put you on the path that led you to what you’re doing today?

(SA) I had an encounter with the Lord soon after arriving in Ukraine. I was frustrated and wanted to go back to Africa. I prayed for God to reveal my purpose. Thank God because Jesus appeared to me and revealed that I had to become a minister of the Gospel.

(SBC) Pastor Sunday, you lead a mega Church, yet you are also a life coach, entrepreneur, speaker and author! Can you share some tips with small churches on how to grow their congregations?

(SA) Firstly, make sure that you become a friend of God. Secondly, be widely read.

(SBC) Pastor Sunday, you have spoken in various platforms and organizations around the world. Can you tell us more about that?

(SA) I have spoken for the United Nations, Japanese Parliament, Israeli Parliament, Bill Clinton Foundation, and United States Senate etc.

(SBC) Pastor Sunday, I must say that you are a prolific writer. I have read and enjoyed some of your amazing books such as ‘Church Shift’ and ‘Money won’t make you Rich’. Can you tell us more about your books and products?

(SA) (Laughs) I have written over 300 books, but I plan to write 1000 books. My other books include ‘Kingdom Driven Life’, ‘Who am I?’, ‘Only God can save Nigeria – What a Myth?’ etc.

(SBC) Pastor Sunday, apart from pastoring and writing books, what else do you do?

(SA) I do many other things. I do teaching, training, coaching, mentoring, blogging, pastoring etc. I do as much as possible.

(SBC) Pastor Sunday, what has been the most interesting part of your ministry?

(SA) Seeing people’s lives changing is my greatest delight.

(SBC) What has been the most distressing part of your ministry?

(SA) People showing no gratitude

 (SBC) Where do we see Pastor Sunday Adelaja in the next 5 to 10 years?

(SA) I see myself in Africa, starting in Nigeria, then the rest of Africa to help the continent to become first world.

(SBC) They say ‘iron sharpen iron.’ Did you have any remarkable mentors or advisors who boosted you to where you are today, what you believe in and what you are committed to do in your work and life? Share with our followers about it.

(SA) I have been influenced by Dr Myles Munroe, Dr T.L. Osborne, Arch Bishop Idahosa, Papa Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo, Francis Wale Oke etc.

(SBC) Wow Pastor Sunday Adelaja! That is a mouthful! Where can our followers find your books?

(SA) My books are life transforming materials that can turn them to world changers and history makers. The books are in bookshops around the world and on Amazon.

(SBC) Pastor Sunday Adelaja, what is your take on the current status of leadership, ministry and entrepreneurship in Africa?

(SA) Africa should take the lead right now. It is time for Africa.

(SBC) Ummmm! Quiet touching! Pastor Sunday Adelaja, what do you think should be done to improve Africa? Tell us if there are any steps you are taking in that direction.

(SA) We have to change the mind-set of Africans, deliver our people from superstition, cause them to believe in themselves, and change the value system of our people. I am putting a lot of things together for Africa as we speak.

(SBC) Let’s talk about Pastor Sunday Adelaja the man! Give us a bit of your social and family life.

(SA) I am married to my wife Pastor Bose Adelaja, and we are blessed with three children – 19 year old boy and two girls 16 and 13. We are happily married and enjoying the process.

(SBC) That’s so good to hear Pastor Sunday Adelaja. What is the craziest thing you’d like to achieve/attain?

(SA) To see Africa lead the world

Part Two

(SBC) What is the worst experience you have gone through in life and in ministry and what lessons have you drawn from it?

(SA) None

(SBC) If you could spend time with someone who has attained the kind of success you are looking to reach, what questions would you ask them?

(SA) I don’t know anybody who has done what I want to do. So it will be difficult to answer this one.

(SBC) What social cause(s) do you support/advocate for?

(SA) I want to end poverty

(SBC) Pastor Sunday Adelaja, if you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what would be your occupation?

(SA) I would be a journalist and authoring books etc.

(SBC) How do you manage doing ministry and business at the same time? What challenges do you face in this regard?

(SA) No challenge (laughs). I can do many things at the same time.

(SBC) I am aware that you have fought numerous battles in Ukraine concerning ministry. Would you please share some of your experiences?

(SA) (Laughter) Many battles, yes! I have gone through more than 20 law suits in Ukraine, but that’s fine. People have brought up false allegations several times; people have betrayed me and let me down and told lies about me. But that is life, there are better experiences (laughs).

(SBC) How many people do you work with?

(SA) So many of them

(SBC) How do you solve leadership challenges among your team members?

(SA)  We sit down and talk to help them understand

(SBC) How do you manage career and family at the same time? What challenges do you face in this regard?

(SA) No challenge. I put my priorities right. I don’t trivialize my family. I make sure wife and children are satisfied and ministry follows.

(SBC) Most pastors struggle with financing (start-up capital and working capital). How is your experience, and what advice can you give?

(SA) I have lots of advice on this in the book ‘Money won’t make you rich.’ I urge pastors to read the book and it will help them a lot.

(SBC) How do you network in order to increase your contacts?

(SA) I just reach out to people and help them reach their dreams.

(SBC) Many pastors and speakers struggle with marketing and selling their work. How do you do it?

(SA) I advise them to learn marketing skills and copy from those doing it well.

(SBC) What advice can you give to singles as they prepare for marriage?

(SA) Singles should prepare themselves for marriage. They need to read about marriage. They also need to understand that they will have ten times their challenges after marriage as compared to when they are single. So they must be ready.

(SBC) What advice can you give to married couples for them to avoid divorce and to enjoy marriage?

(SA) First of all, each spouse should look for the interests of their spouse, rather than focusing on their personal interests. Secondly, they must never assume that their spouse is obliged to do anything. Each spouse should take it as a privilege to have someone to live with. Thus they should not be demanding, but understanding and forgiving.

(SBC) Any advice to pastors who want to pursue their calling?

(SA) Go and learn as much as possible before launching into ministry.

(SBC) Any special advice to upcoming entrepreneurs?

(SA) Go and learn as much as possible before launching into business

(SBC) When you are long gone, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, what would you like to be remembered for?

(SA) I want to keep producing results and keep on yielding fruits for up to 300 to 500 years after I am long gone. I want to make impact as if I will still be alive.

 (SBC) Any last words to our followers in general?

(SA) They should visit my blog:

(SBC) Thank you so much Pastor Sunday Adelaja for taking time off your demanding schedule. We appreciate and value your useful advice.

(SA) Most welcome and God bless you Wilbert



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