With Dr. Wilbert R. Mutoko (PhD)

14 June 2017

In every quarter, people are being encouraged with motivational words that cause them to focus on their dreams.

Focusing on the future is very good and I inspire many people to do the same.

However, I have realized that sometimes we emphasize too much on the future and forget about today and even yesterday.

If you ignore your yesterday and today, how do you make your tomorrow successful?

I know that some people propose that we must never think about yesterday for it is past. But, have you ever heard that history has a tendency to repeat itself? There is nothing new under the sun. You and I can still learn from our past successes and past mistakes alike so that our dreams can be more informed and better shaped.

What happens if you forget your today, and instead focus on your dreams? You neglect your present responsibilities in exchange for a future that you have not even grasp as yet.

In conclusion, let us all learn from our past, let us maximize our present opportunities and take daily steps that lead to successful fulfillment of our dreams. Otherwise, we may sit and wait for a better future which may never come.


Iron sharpeneth iron

Reflections with Wilbert R. Mutoko

13 September 2016

So you are aware that iron sharpens iron?
Do you really believe that you are iron caliber?

Iron is strong
Iron doesn’t easily bend
Iron is not mined on ground surface
But you sweat to dig deep and get it
That’s why not everyone mines iron

Iron when rubbed against another iron gets sharper
If you are truly iron
Why do you hang around with wood and mud caliber of people?
I don’t mean that you should despise other people
I just mean to say, how can 2 walk together unless they agree
Friendship is not by force, but by choice
Iron sharpens iron

Are your fellows sharpening you or they are making you blunt?
Are your colleagues enhancing you or they are diminishing you?
Remember iron sharpens iron.
Scrutinize your associations lest you reduce in value

Be good. Share this with 20 friends and remind them to associate with right people


What do you know?

12 September 2016

By Wilbert R. Mutoko

Whether in career or in business, organizations and individuals are willing to pay you for what you know.

If you want to earn more from your endeavors, you need to increase and update your knowledge.

What do you know? How much effort are you putting to ensure that you do not become obsolete?



5 September 2016

By Wilbert R. Mutoko

If you are a workaholic like me, you want to keep working and working and working. But there is a danger. If you keep working without relaxing a bit and or having fun; you risk a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual break-down.

I have also realized that sometimes people are too much under pressure because of other people’s success or progress. My friend, it is good to learn from others. But, you should not have sleepless nights because of other people’s progress.

Appreciate the success you have attained so far. You have worked hard to become the brand you are today. Why not appreciate that and grow at your pace?

Yes, you are staying in a one room, while others stay in big houses. You might be earning minimum wage, below-minimum wage, or internship allowance. You may even be unemployed at the moment. Yes, you are still walking or you drive a small car, while others are in big motor vehicles. Yes, your child goes to a public school, while others’ children attend private schools. I know that you lack certain necessities which others have.

But guess what? Just be you. It’s okay to slow down sometimes. It’s okay to look back at your progress and be grateful, rather than complaining and wishing you were like so and so.

It’s okay to slow down sometimes and rest. It’s just okay. Don’t kill yourself with work. Don’t kill yourself looking for a job 24/7. Rest a bit and continue another day. Don’t kill yourself with envy.

It’s just okay to slow down sometimes. Remember I am not saying slow down always. I am saying sometimes.

All the best my friend. I love you as always.

To your success




18 August 2016
By Wilbert R. Mutoko

Excerpts from the book ‘Think & Gain Financial Freedom’ by Wilbert R. Mutoko
Copyright 2016

You can blame colonization, your parents, siblings or misfortune for your current circumstances. But believe me, it is not going to help you. You need to arise and develop you. You are the difference maker that you have waited for for so long.

Successful people read at least one new financial book once per month. You however, should not just emphasize on reading books on finance alone.

It is not good to concentrate on one area of life because if you neglect learning about health, family, career, business and relationships; you will end up being successful financially but with an ailing body, struggling business, spiritual stagnation, failing at school or sick marriage.

Great people endeavor to develop all-round success. That is financial success, spiritual success, marital success, career success, academic success, health success etc.

By reading books in each of these areas, you end up having a balanced life, and you enjoy true success.

I therefore would like to encourage you to read at least one book per week. If you do not like reading, you can buy audio books to boost your knowledge and skills.

So if you really want this week to be better than last week, learn what you didn’t know last week.

Similarly if you want this month or year to be more successful than last month or year, you must learn what you did not know then.

Such learning usually comes through personal development – reading books and watching good teaching videos or listening to audio cds.

The difference between successful people and others is what they know and what they do with what they know.


what happens when you follow your passion

This is what happens when you follow your passion, work hard on your craft and refuse to give up. Usain Bolt signs a life-time deal with Nike. He is reputed to be the fastest man in the world. He says “athletics is my life. I do it daily.” He has seen it all – defeats, injuries, mockeries; but he refused to budge.

How much do you work on your craft? How much do you keep going when the future looks dark?

Being a champion is not by luck. You have to work at it like Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt just signed the biggest endorsement deal in Nike history

To your success