When no one is willing to help you

Reflections with Dr. Wilbert R. Mutoko

2 April 2018

This morning I was thinking about my journey in personal development, and I remembered how many doors I knocked on at a young age, but most doors refused to open. However, with a dogged determination and a never-give-up attitude, by God’s grace, I have managed to develop myself academically and career-wise. Probably you find yourself in an unfavorable situation. Wait. You are not alone. It is never too late to achieve your dreams.

When I was in high school, at Dewedzo Secondary School in rural Rusape, Manicaland, Zimbabwe; my dear father made it very clear that he could not pay for me to go through A-Level: “As you can see, there are five more children behind you and I do not have enough money to pay school fees for you in A-Level because I will be taking care of the other children,” said my father with a no-turning-back kind of emphasis. I obviously did not receive the sad news well. I was such a hard-working boy. I was so focused on my studies such that I came top of my class almost all the time. Now my dreams of becoming somebody in life were fizzling out because there was no money for A-Level!

My father and mother were very loving and caring parents. I will forever be grateful for their sacrifices to raise my siblings and me in hard circumstances. My dad, Mark Tichaona Mutoko is my hero. MHSRIP. He was a hardworking gentleman, the father that any child would love to grow up under. Unfortunately, he was not that educated, hence his career was low status to low-medium status. But he always outdid himself to take care of the family. I salute my dad in absentia. My mum Irene was not educated. She was such a tough, but loving mum; always working diligently alongside my dad to support the family. Amazing mum! God bless my mum, my heroine (I dedicated my PhD thesis to her and my late dad).

Back to my predicament. Thank goodness! One of my wealthy uncles who was a member of parliament and cabinet minister visited our high school and promised that he was going to pay A-Level school fees in full for three or so students that would come out with flying colors at O-Level. Wow! Knowing that I was one of the best students completing O-Level, I knew that I had just gotten A-Level funding right there. What a relief to me and my parents! Finally help had come! But, wait. Not so fast my friend!

My uncle never lived to his promise. Obviously, my dad relaxed, and did not prepare for my A-Level studies. I found a place at Nyatsime College in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe to study for A-Level and I enrolled for first year. However, my uncle continued to promise that he would pay fees. I later realized that the uncle never intended to pay fees for me but to get sponsors. The sponsors were taking their time throughout the year with no action.

My face became very familiar at the Parliament House in Harare where I kept following up my uncle to pay school fees, but all in vain.

Friends, poverty and lack are bad. I suffered! Throughout the year I was being chased away from school for not paying fees. At first, we were many students in the category of ‘owing for school fees’. But after some time, all other students managed to get intervention and their school fees were paid. As for me, it was a painful road. I remembered, at one-time visiting Zimbabwe Council of Churches offices where I got a donation of Z$300. I was so relieved (may God bless Zimbabwe Council of Churches), but the money was insufficient to pay for owed fees at that time. I knocked on all the doors of rich people that I knew, relatives and non-relatives alike. But doors were tightly locked. They gave one excuse after the other.

The following year, I heard that my uncle’s sponsors finally cleared my school fees bill for the year that I had studied first year A-Level. But I had moved on.

Have you ever sought help from everyone and no help comes your way? What do you do when no one is willing to assist you?

When I saw that I had completed first year of A-Level in debt, being chased away from school almost every other day; I told my parents that I needed to stop A-Level schooling. My parents were hurt that our uncle had failed to meet his promise, but there was no choice, except for me to stop school.

I then visited my auntie Mavis who stayed in Marondera, in Dombotombo with her family. I related the story to her and her husband. Immediately, the couple agreed to take me in so that I could complete A-Level in Marondera through night school. My hopes were lit again. At least, I had accommodation. But what about school fees? The fees were much less for evening school at Nyameni High School, but was there any sponsor?

I told my dad, who was already overloaded with taking care of rest of family. Thank God, my dad agreed to borrow money and hustle to pay the school fees. However, I needed money for textbooks also. I went to my former teachers at Dewedzo Secondary School. My former teachers were not able to assist me. But a good Samaritan, Mr. Muronda who was not my former teacher offered to fund me for textbooks for the whole year (may God remember his kindness. I am still looking for him to say thank you).

Going to night school with elderly people was not funny. Imagine you are 18 to 19 years old and you attend school with fathers, mothers and grandfathers and grandmothers! Most of them took time to understand concepts, so teachers had to repeat lessons. Some of them did not attend school regularly … There was no choice. I worked extremely hard and I spend most of my time in the government library, until my auntie Mavis got worried that I was reading too much. She would regularly say, “The way you study is too much. You will end up going mad!” But I was seeing a glorious future. I wanted to turn around a rural life of owning only bicycles instead of cars and properties. I wanted to grow and change my life and that of others. So I kept on studying hard, no girl friends, no love affairs. Serious about school.

Thank God for my dad. He worked extra hard and raised the school fees throughout the year and examination fees (I wish he was alive today to see his boy now a MBA and PhD holder making impact on many lives across the world as an Author, Financial Adviser, Leadership Strategist and International Motivational Speaker, Pastor and Business Doctor).

Unfortunately, Satan decided to make my life more miserable during final year A-Level. Satan struck me with a sickness which no one understood. I went with my parents to all kind of doctors – private doctors, public doctors, witch doctors and prophets, plus many churches; but my condition deteriorated, and I stopped going to school from April 1994 until 17 October 1994. Examinations started on 21 October 1994.

Thank God for my cousin Bethrem and his wife Dorcas (now they are pastors. May God remember their love and kindness) who invited me to Mutare to be prayed for by pastors. When I got there, the pastors helped me to understand scriptures and helped me to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior. They then prayed for me and I was instantly healed. Wow! A new life began, and I went back to Marondera to write exams after I had not been going to school nor studying for months. Thus I was healed on 17 October and I started writing examinations three days later. As expected, I could not score enough points to go to varsity. However, I qualified to go to Mutare Teachers College where I trained as a secondary teacher – Geography and Accounts.

My desire was insatiable. After completing the Diploma in Secondary education funded by the government of Zimbabwe in 1998, I went to teach in the rural areas of Hurungwe. I enrolled for Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators. A journey of taking myself to school began. I am afraid that this is becoming an article too long. To see what else happened, you can visit my profile:

So, back to you. What is happening to you? Are people refusing to help you? Are you seated at home, not knowing what to to do? Is it that you do not like your current job or business? Are you in a financial mess or relationship mess? Perhaps you need to go back to school. Probably you need to work harder than before. You need to stop blaming government, anyone or any situation. Arise and take your future into your hands.

I wrote this article to encourage you in tough times and to keep focused on what you want to achieve in life. Put your trust in God and be in love with him. It can take time, but do not lose heart. There is a seed of greatness in you. We are waiting for the seed to sprout and grow big. Last of all, after you have made it, remember to help others.




With Dr. Wilbert R. Mutoko (PhD)

14 June 2017

In every quarter, people are being encouraged with motivational words that cause them to focus on their dreams.

Focusing on the future is very good and I inspire many people to do the same.

However, I have realized that sometimes we emphasize too much on the future and forget about today and even yesterday.

If you ignore your yesterday and today, how do you make your tomorrow successful?

I know that some people propose that we must never think about yesterday for it is past. But, have you ever heard that history has a tendency to repeat itself? There is nothing new under the sun. You and I can still learn from our past successes and past mistakes alike so that our dreams can be more informed and better shaped.

What happens if you forget your today, and instead focus on your dreams? You neglect your present responsibilities in exchange for a future that you have not even grasp as yet.

In conclusion, let us all learn from our past, let us maximize our present opportunities and take daily steps that lead to successful fulfillment of our dreams. Otherwise, we may sit and wait for a better future which may never come.


Iron sharpeneth iron

Reflections with Wilbert R. Mutoko

13 September 2016

So you are aware that iron sharpens iron?
Do you really believe that you are iron caliber?

Iron is strong
Iron doesn’t easily bend
Iron is not mined on ground surface
But you sweat to dig deep and get it
That’s why not everyone mines iron

Iron when rubbed against another iron gets sharper
If you are truly iron
Why do you hang around with wood and mud caliber of people?
I don’t mean that you should despise other people
I just mean to say, how can 2 walk together unless they agree
Friendship is not by force, but by choice
Iron sharpens iron

Are your fellows sharpening you or they are making you blunt?
Are your colleagues enhancing you or they are diminishing you?
Remember iron sharpens iron.
Scrutinize your associations lest you reduce in value

Be good. Share this with 20 friends and remind them to associate with right people


What do you know?

12 September 2016

By Wilbert R. Mutoko

Whether in career or in business, organizations and individuals are willing to pay you for what you know.

If you want to earn more from your endeavors, you need to increase and update your knowledge.

What do you know? How much effort are you putting to ensure that you do not become obsolete?



5 September 2016

By Wilbert R. Mutoko

If you are a workaholic like me, you want to keep working and working and working. But there is a danger. If you keep working without relaxing a bit and or having fun; you risk a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual break-down.

I have also realized that sometimes people are too much under pressure because of other people’s success or progress. My friend, it is good to learn from others. But, you should not have sleepless nights because of other people’s progress.

Appreciate the success you have attained so far. You have worked hard to become the brand you are today. Why not appreciate that and grow at your pace?

Yes, you are staying in a one room, while others stay in big houses. You might be earning minimum wage, below-minimum wage, or internship allowance. You may even be unemployed at the moment. Yes, you are still walking or you drive a small car, while others are in big motor vehicles. Yes, your child goes to a public school, while others’ children attend private schools. I know that you lack certain necessities which others have.

But guess what? Just be you. It’s okay to slow down sometimes. It’s okay to look back at your progress and be grateful, rather than complaining and wishing you were like so and so.

It’s okay to slow down sometimes and rest. It’s just okay. Don’t kill yourself with work. Don’t kill yourself looking for a job 24/7. Rest a bit and continue another day. Don’t kill yourself with envy.

It’s just okay to slow down sometimes. Remember I am not saying slow down always. I am saying sometimes.

All the best my friend. I love you as always.

To your success




18 August 2016
By Wilbert R. Mutoko

Excerpts from the book ‘Think & Gain Financial Freedom’ by Wilbert R. Mutoko
Copyright 2016

You can blame colonization, your parents, siblings or misfortune for your current circumstances. But believe me, it is not going to help you. You need to arise and develop you. You are the difference maker that you have waited for for so long.

Successful people read at least one new financial book once per month. You however, should not just emphasize on reading books on finance alone.

It is not good to concentrate on one area of life because if you neglect learning about health, family, career, business and relationships; you will end up being successful financially but with an ailing body, struggling business, spiritual stagnation, failing at school or sick marriage.

Great people endeavor to develop all-round success. That is financial success, spiritual success, marital success, career success, academic success, health success etc.

By reading books in each of these areas, you end up having a balanced life, and you enjoy true success.

I therefore would like to encourage you to read at least one book per week. If you do not like reading, you can buy audio books to boost your knowledge and skills.

So if you really want this week to be better than last week, learn what you didn’t know last week.

Similarly if you want this month or year to be more successful than last month or year, you must learn what you did not know then.

Such learning usually comes through personal development – reading books and watching good teaching videos or listening to audio cds.

The difference between successful people and others is what they know and what they do with what they know.