Who are your mentors? Who are you mentoring?

Inspiration with Dr Wilbert R Mutoko

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‘He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.’ – Aristotle

In my quest to influence others to make a difference and to develop exemplary leaders of repute, leaders in the home, leaders in firms, leaders in government, leaders everywhere, and leaders without positions; I bring you the challenge of mentoring others and you following mentors.

I ask again the question, ‘Who are your mentors? Who are you mentoring?’

If your answers are none and none, may I conclude that you are not yet a true leader? Yes you might be in a leadership position, but not effectively leading. Leaders care about learning from other leaders and they empower others to succeed. Leaders are not just interested in results, but inspiring and developing other people.

Everyone needs mentors. Mentors are people that guide you and speak into your life. They are your models and you are accountable to them. You rarely do any crucial thing without first informing them or asking for advice. One can have mentors for different things – business mentor, financial mentor, marriage mentor, career mentor, academic mentor, spiritual mentor etc. A mentor must have attained success in the area they mentor you in.

In my experience, good mentors are like ladders that help you succeed faster by avoiding mistakes that could cost you dearly. Your mentor’s past mistakes will not happen to you because the mentor’s experience becomes your bridge. Furthermore, guidance from a good mentor is next to no other intervention in life.

I have also learnt that true leaders wish to locate ready mentees who can take over from where they have left. There is no true leader that wants to die before they pass on the relay button to one or more genuine followers that carry forward what they were doing. The biggest challenge however, is that it is not easy to find a humble, ready-to- learn, accountable, patient and persistent follower who will follow all the way.

Let me try to distinguish a mentor from a coach in my own words. A mentor is different from a coach. A coach can be someone who has no personal experience in the area which they assist you, but they know how to teach others to do as expected. That is why some football coaches, for instance, have never played football, but they are good coaches that have acquired knowledge in the area and they know how to teach others to do likewise. While everyone prefers mentors, coaches are also very helpful, whether it’s a financial coach, health coach, business coach etc. Nevertheless, mentors tend to produce more results than coaches due to their own experience. But that is a debatable issue which I leave to you.

One can have paid mentors and in some cases one can get unpaid, voluntary mentors. As they say, there is nothing for free. Free things are cheap. So, you should be willing to pay for quality mentorship. It is not easy to get unpaid mentors in today’s world. But if you are privileged to get one, you must be very grateful, and do everything possible to submit yourself to them, keep them updated, avoid lack of communication, honor them, be of benefit to them in any way possible, avoid being like a tick that just sucks blood from its host and never contributes anything except pain and diseases. A mentor is excited when you follow their example and you in turn mentor others. Failure to mentor others is failure to be a good follower. If others have been kind to you by mentoring you, why would you be so selfish that you mentor no one?

As a mentee, make sure that you humble yourself. Firstly, your mentor does not need you. You are the one that needs a mentor. Your mentor was successful before you came into their lives. So without you, they have more time to concentrate on their lives. So never deceive yourself by thinking that you are doing the mentor a favor by being their mentee. The mentor is actually doing you a favor.

Secondly, after a few mentorship lessons, do not be too quick to think that you are now better than your mentor. Keep humble, keep learning; your mentor is like a deep well that has gathered wisdom over years and in some cases decades. So for you to think that after one year you have already drawn all the wisdom from the mentor is to fool yourself.

Thirdly, as much as possible, get interested in your mentor, what they do and his or her family. Pray for your mentor and family. Offer to tutor mentor’s child, clean their home or office, and do something, especially if you are mentored for free. You cannot afford to keep drawing from the mentor without planting a seed in their life. Honor your mentor, remember their birthday, be there when they have challenges, and be helpful and grateful always.

Fourthly, find someone eager to learn from you and start helping them to take steps towards success. Help them to set and pursue goals. Refer them to books that can change their lives. Link them to people that matter. All of us have something to offer. All of us can mentor someone. For instance, if you are a tertiary student, you can mentor a primary or secondary school student. If you are a successful business person, there is someone out there seeking to become an entrepreneur. Go ahead and mentor them. If you are successful in career, there is someone young in career that needs you. Whether paid or unpaid, you must be mentoring some people out there. Whether online or offline, you must be mentoring some people. Remember, you are blessed to be a blessing (Genesis 12:1-3).

Let us develop and maintain mentor – mentee relationships and take our countries to another level. This ensures transference of leadership skills and competences, as well as passing on the nature of caring and sustained success.

If we are to have great leaders and to enjoy peace and perpetual success in all facets of life – spiritual, business, financial, family, health, academic, and career; we must all be mentored and we must all mentor others.

All the best



5th October 2017

With Dr Wilbert R. Mutoko

I could tell you how to succeed in life, relationships, marriage, school, business, ministry, health or career. But guess what, I wish I knew how to tell you how to succeed quickly.

Some things will sure demand time and patience from you. Some level of success will definitely demand sleep away from your eyes. Some success level will inflict pain on your back bone. Some level of achievement will rob you of time to socialize and be yourself.

Similarly, raising well-behaved children is not an overnight success. Nor is building a blissful marriage something that comes by luck. The same can be said about building a great business, career or ministry. It takes commitment over many years.

Some people ask me how I have been able to write books, travel across the continent as a motivational speaker; do corporate training; mentor & coach people; volunteer my services to Churches, prisons, hospitals, orphanages, and homes of disabled; offer free counseling etc, and still I have time for my family.

I wish I could be able to explain convincingly. But it takes willingness to consistently re-invent oneself and being on the move to self-betterment and making a difference in other people’s lives every day.

That is why one of my mentors puts it this way when someone asks him for one nutshell for success in ministry or business, “There is no one nutshell. There are many ‘Naughty shells’. Go and find out.”

What do you think?


Dealing with Challenges

18 September 2017

With Dr Wilbert R. Mutoko (PhD, FHEA)

Challenges will always come to you. However, what matters most is not how tough the challenges are, but rather how you respond to the challenges.

Similarly, seasons of life are not the same. Some people enjoy winter, while others enjoy summer.

Paradoxically, many people neither like summer nor winter. Those are the realities of life.

It is not which season you are in that matters, but rather how you respond to the season. That is why when winter comes, you buy and wear warm clothes. At the same time, when summer comes, you change your wardrobe.

How do you respond to challenges as a leader?

How do react to challenges as a follower?

What about as a team player?


The past, the present and the future

With Dr Wilbert R. Mutoko

31 July 2017


Many people have been taught that in order to become ultra successful, they should focus on the future and forget their past.

However, for you to be ultra successful in life, career, ministry, spirituality, health, relationships, finances, business, school, family, etc., you need to learn from your past, manage your present and work on your future. There needs to be a balance.

If you ignore your past, you will possibly repeat past mistakes or you fail to maximize on past lessons. Similarly, if you ignore your present, you may never set a good foundation for your future. Remember that tomorrow’s yesterday is today. What you do today determines your success tomorrow. In any case, if you ignore your today, how do you survive your present circumstances?

Therefore, I suggest that you forget past pains, but learn as much as possible from the past. Then take advantage of your present and be realistic; thus avoiding just hoping that the future will be great without wise planning and action.

All the best my dear. See you at the top!



By Wilbert R. Mutoko
15 February 2017
They say assumption is the mother of frustration.
Have you ever observed that some people are frustrated and sad because they assume that so and so hates them and is the cause of their calamities. But have they verified? Are they sure that indeed so and so is causing the said problems?
On the other hand, some people are relaxed in life because they assume that things are just fine. For instance, a parent assumes that their teen is well behaved and so may not be involved in some bad things. Without cross-checking, such a parent could be relaxed today, but will panic tomorrow if things go wrong with the teen.
Some people are doing nothing about their current small problems because they assume that things will sort themselves.
Others are not taking steps for success in their school, work, business, marriage, finances, health etc. because they assume that the future will take care of itself.
Have you ever assumed things are bad because of abc without verifying? Or, have you ever assumed that things are okay, without verifying? Have you ever assumed that the future will sort itself?
I like Abraham Lincoln who said:
“Trust, but verify”
Stop leaving your life to chance. Stop assuming things. Take necessary steps to solve problems before they get out of hand. Also work on building your future and avoid assumptions.
Be blessed my friend


Reflections with Wilbert R. Mutoko
12 January 2017
The school system has its pros and cons.
We all know the pros of the school system, such as enlightening our minds, socializing etc.
One of the main cons of the school system is the fact that schools suggest that you are successful when you do better than others.
However, the reality is that success has nothing to do with what others have done, but how much you have completed the task that God created you for.
Until you fulfill your purpose, you are not yet successful.
Therefore, stop comparing your hair, car, house etc. to other people’s stuff.
Please identify and pursue your purpose.
As I write to you, I am doing part of what fulfills my purpose.
What are you doing daily to pursue your purpose?
All the best.


Job versus work

3rd August 2016
With Wilbert R. Mutoko
Stop looking for a job and look for work. A job is what you do merely to earn a living. But your work is what you were born to do. A job is your career, while your work is your calling. Your work can be what we normally call a job, or it can be a business, or a NGO or politics. Many people are frustrated because they are in a job and not work. They persevere in their job because they want to put food on the table. That’s okay for a while. But if you want perpetual joy, aim to move towards your calling.
Is it wrong to have a job? NO. While you are in a job, slowly take steps to your work – your calling. Your work will bring you fulfillment as compared to a mere job.
What if I can not find work? Start by volunteering in an organization that is linked to your calling. Better still start a small business. Sell something legal, no matter how little the profit is. Just do not sit at home and complain that there are no jobs.
All the best.