5th October 2017

With Dr Wilbert R. Mutoko

I could tell you how to succeed in life, relationships, marriage, school, business, ministry, health or career. But guess what, I wish I knew how to tell you how to succeed quickly.

Some things will sure demand time and patience from you. Some level of success will definitely demand sleep away from your eyes. Some success level will inflict pain on your back bone. Some level of achievement will rob you of time to socialize and be yourself.

Similarly, raising well-behaved children is not an overnight success. Nor is building a blissful marriage something that comes by luck. The same can be said about building a great business, career or ministry. It takes commitment over many years.

Some people ask me how I have been able to write books, travel across the continent as a motivational speaker; do corporate training; mentor & coach people; volunteer my services to Churches, prisons, hospitals, orphanages, and homes of disabled; offer free counseling etc, and still I have time for my family.

I wish I could be able to explain convincingly. But it takes willingness to consistently re-invent oneself and being on the move to self-betterment and making a difference in other people’s lives every day.

That is why one of my mentors puts it this way when someone asks him for one nutshell for success in ministry or business, “There is no one nutshell. There are many ‘Naughty shells’. Go and find out.”

What do you think?


Dealing with Challenges

18 September 2017

With Dr Wilbert R. Mutoko (PhD, FHEA)

Challenges will always come to you. However, what matters most is not how tough the challenges are, but rather how you respond to the challenges.

Similarly, seasons of life are not the same. Some people enjoy winter, while others enjoy summer.

Paradoxically, many people neither like summer nor winter. Those are the realities of life.

It is not which season you are in that matters, but rather how you respond to the season. That is why when winter comes, you buy and wear warm clothes. At the same time, when summer comes, you change your wardrobe.

How do you respond to challenges as a leader?

How do react to challenges as a follower?

What about as a team player?


The past, the present and the future

With Dr Wilbert R. Mutoko

31 July 2017


Many people have been taught that in order to become ultra successful, they should focus on the future and forget their past.

However, for you to be ultra successful in life, career, ministry, spirituality, health, relationships, finances, business, school, family, etc., you need to learn from your past, manage your present and work on your future. There needs to be a balance.

If you ignore your past, you will possibly repeat past mistakes or you fail to maximize on past lessons. Similarly, if you ignore your present, you may never set a good foundation for your future. Remember that tomorrow’s yesterday is today. What you do today determines your success tomorrow. In any case, if you ignore your today, how do you survive your present circumstances?

Therefore, I suggest that you forget past pains, but learn as much as possible from the past. Then take advantage of your present and be realistic; thus avoiding just hoping that the future will be great without wise planning and action.

All the best my dear. See you at the top!



By Wilbert R. Mutoko
15 February 2017
They say assumption is the mother of frustration.
Have you ever observed that some people are frustrated and sad because they assume that so and so hates them and is the cause of their calamities. But have they verified? Are they sure that indeed so and so is causing the said problems?
On the other hand, some people are relaxed in life because they assume that things are just fine. For instance, a parent assumes that their teen is well behaved and so may not be involved in some bad things. Without cross-checking, such a parent could be relaxed today, but will panic tomorrow if things go wrong with the teen.
Some people are doing nothing about their current small problems because they assume that things will sort themselves.
Others are not taking steps for success in their school, work, business, marriage, finances, health etc. because they assume that the future will take care of itself.
Have you ever assumed things are bad because of abc without verifying? Or, have you ever assumed that things are okay, without verifying? Have you ever assumed that the future will sort itself?
I like Abraham Lincoln who said:
“Trust, but verify”
Stop leaving your life to chance. Stop assuming things. Take necessary steps to solve problems before they get out of hand. Also work on building your future and avoid assumptions.
Be blessed my friend


Reflections with Wilbert R. Mutoko
12 January 2017
The school system has its pros and cons.
We all know the pros of the school system, such as enlightening our minds, socializing etc.
One of the main cons of the school system is the fact that schools suggest that you are successful when you do better than others.
However, the reality is that success has nothing to do with what others have done, but how much you have completed the task that God created you for.
Until you fulfill your purpose, you are not yet successful.
Therefore, stop comparing your hair, car, house etc. to other people’s stuff.
Please identify and pursue your purpose.
As I write to you, I am doing part of what fulfills my purpose.
What are you doing daily to pursue your purpose?
All the best.


Job versus work

3rd August 2016
With Wilbert R. Mutoko
Stop looking for a job and look for work. A job is what you do merely to earn a living. But your work is what you were born to do. A job is your career, while your work is your calling. Your work can be what we normally call a job, or it can be a business, or a NGO or politics. Many people are frustrated because they are in a job and not work. They persevere in their job because they want to put food on the table. That’s okay for a while. But if you want perpetual joy, aim to move towards your calling.
Is it wrong to have a job? NO. While you are in a job, slowly take steps to your work – your calling. Your work will bring you fulfillment as compared to a mere job.
What if I can not find work? Start by volunteering in an organization that is linked to your calling. Better still start a small business. Sell something legal, no matter how little the profit is. Just do not sit at home and complain that there are no jobs.
All the best.


10 Reasons Why I share knowledge and why you too should

15 July 2016

By Wilbert R. Mutoko ‘Financial Doctor’ (Author, Motivational Speaker, Leadership & Personal Finance Expert) 


Some people ask me why I am so keen on knowledge transfer and education of my people of Africa. I am popular for the saying, ‘Together we will impact Africa and leave it better than we found it.’ Therefore, in this article, I explore the reasons why I share knowledge and why you should do the same.

  1. I am passionate about empowering individuals, families and organizations. That in turn translates into empowering the country, continent and the world. As they say, “Education is power,” therefore, the best tool for empowering people and organizations is giving them knowledge. Thus, I am playing my role to empower others with knowledge. But, I cannot do it alone, that’s why you too should educate people in every way possible.
  1. Africa’s level of decadence, decay, and backwardness is a bother to me. Contrarily, Africa has a very young population and vast natural resources. This means we have potential to do great production. I believe that if we place a lot of emphasis on relevant knowledge, we will transform this continent to become the hope of rest of the world.
  1. It is not everyone who can read and understand. We place lots of emphasis on going to school, which is very noble. But, I have realized that some people, no matter how much they attend school, they do not understand. Remind yourself, how many people were smart in your class? How many struggled with school? Yes. Most people struggle with school. So you and I have been privileged to become educated. It is our obligation to share our knowledge with others and empower them through writing posts & books, creating helpful videos and put them on social media (I have over 60 videos on YouTube, and we need more sensible videos posted by Africans). We will do this and empower our people.
  1. We are grateful to the western world for sharing knowledge with us, especially the Gospel. However, they have now become backslidden in many quarters. Therefore, it is our turn to share spiritual knowledge with them and bring them revival. We cannot sit back and keep waiting for the westerners to empower us. It is our turn.
  1. Nobody knows everything. No matter how hard you research, there is no way you will become an expert lawyer, medical practitioner, accountant, engineer etc. all in one. Furthermore, we all have different experiences in career, business, marriage, raising children, health etc. Therefore, each one of us has something unique to share. Note this, you look at your knowledge and experience and think, ‘this is not good enough. I don’t think that it could help anyone.’ Guess what? This is because you are familiar with you. But when you share it with us, we will learn something because you are unique. When I wrote the book ’16 Mistakes Singles Make Vol. 1 – A guide to successful dating and courtship that leads to blissful marriage’, I didn’t think that many people would benefit from it. But, after releasing it; individuals, libraries and organizations in various countries are buying the book to empower singles, particularly youths. Married people are reading the book and they testify of revival in their marriages. Singles have read the book and some have now gotten happily married through following advice from the book. So, unless you share what you have, you will not know its magnitude. Unless you share knowledge of Christ with your neighbor, classmate or workmate; you will never see them delivered and healed. Unless, you publish your book, put a post on social media, release that music album with a message, publish that ‘how to’ video on YouTube, carry out a research to solve a problem, speak on radio or TV, speak in seminars, share your story verbally with victims etc.; you limit yourself and deprive yourself of fulfillment.
  1. The level of research in Africa is pathetic. This is one of the reasons why Africa is backward. People do business in an area where they know nothing about. People marry someone without prior detailed research. They do not research and they expect things to miraculously work. It does not work that way. Sometimes we wait for people seated in the developed world to research what’s happening here and give us suggestions for improvement. What a pity? Let us rise up and accept responsibility and do our own research. Individuals should make it a habit to research before undertaking any crucial projects. More money should be set aside by governments for local research if our countries are to rise. This is why, in my business book, ‘What you have is enough – how to become wildly successful in finance & business starting from where you are now,’ I included results from a study on challenges faced by Small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs). The book has become the hope of many entrepreneurs who are using it as a personal textbook or reference book. In my other book, ‘Success in Marriage – 10 Ingredients for a Sweet Marriage’, I included results from an interview survey of married couples. The results are astounding. Through the marriage book and the research contained in it, I therefore to contribute knowledge on marriage to try and reduce and prevent divorce, as well as helping couples to enjoy marriage and raise responsible children. What problems do you want to solve? Write or speak about them.
  1. I am privileged to have been raised by both caring and disciplined parents. It is not everybody who got that privilege. That puts me in a position where I can share what I learned from my parents concerning family, hard work, discipline, etc. However, even if you may not have parents, or you grew up with a single parent; your experience will empower others as well. So do not limit yourself.
  1. I had a privilege to know Christ while I was still a teenager. That gave me a strong foundation for life, Christianity, leadership and marriage. That again puts me in a position to share my knowledge about God through sermons, books, videos and posts. You too can share your story the way it is.
  1. I love people. If you genuinely love someone, you wouldn’t want to know things and not share with them. That is why I spend time and money to empower others on radio, TV, class rooms, seminars, workshops, social media and face-to-face. I know that you also love people. Go ahead and share with us your story, experiences and knowledge. In chapter 2 of my best-selling book ’15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success’, I wrote vividly and expressly on my dream to develop people. I even included the message that I expect to be read on my funeral ceremony. I also mention in that chapter that when I die, people need not cry, but celebrate my contributions. Are you sharing your love with us through knowledge transfer?
  1. Whatever goes around comes around. What you sow is what you reap. If you share knowledge, someone will someday share with you some life-saving knowledge.


Life is more fun and fulfilling when you help others to attain their dreams. Life is boring when you chase after money, fame and power without leaving a legacy. That is why before anyone dies, they mostly call for friends and loved ones, but, they rarely call for their check books etc.


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