Never tire from chasing your dream

2 May 2017


With Dr. Wilbert R. Mutoko

When you are chasing your dream, people may not understand you. Tough times will discourage you. Adverse circumstances will come your way, but keep your eye on the end result. If you don’t give up, we will soon celebrate with you.

Between February 2014 and December 2016, I embarked on a degree in Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Management. The journey was tough. Many times I thought of quitting. But I kept going because I was looking at the goal. I kept going mainly because of God’s grace. I kept going because of wonderful family, friends, workmates and acquaintances. I am so grateful to all of you and those that took part in my research. You are so precious to me, to Botswana, to SADC, to Africa and the world at large.

Graduation was on 25 April 2017 at North-West University, Mafikeng, South Africa and it was so colorful.

I love you!

The sky can not limit you.

See you at the top!

# From rural boy to Doctor of Business Management.
# All things are possible.
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Reflections with Wilbert R. Mutoko – DON’T GIVE UP

“Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.” – Tim Ferriss

Yes, my friend, you are far greater than you think. You are capable of achieving lots for you, your family and nation; only if you can believe in you and stop criticizing yourself negatively.

Why do you always see good in others, but see bad in you? Why do you always glorify others, but you beat yourself down? Why do you assume that you are good for nothing, yet God has deposited treasures in you?

My friend, arise and shine! It’s your time!

Forget about past failures! Forget about your mockers and critics!

Stand up and go back to school. Arise and look for that dream job. Start and grow that business.

While waiting for a partner, build yourself through reading and volunteering somewhere. Let that marriage work.

Visit orphans and widows to pray for them and motivate them.

Stop crying. Do something special with your life.

You are a winner!

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Job versus work

3rd August 2016
With Wilbert R. Mutoko
Stop looking for a job and look for work. A job is what you do merely to earn a living. But your work is what you were born to do. A job is your career, while your work is your calling. Your work can be what we normally call a job, or it can be a business, or a NGO or politics. Many people are frustrated because they are in a job and not work. They persevere in their job because they want to put food on the table. That’s okay for a while. But if you want perpetual joy, aim to move towards your calling.
Is it wrong to have a job? NO. While you are in a job, slowly take steps to your work – your calling. Your work will bring you fulfillment as compared to a mere job.
What if I can not find work? Start by volunteering in an organization that is linked to your calling. Better still start a small business. Sell something legal, no matter how little the profit is. Just do not sit at home and complain that there are no jobs.
All the best.

fame and wealth vs character

Sometimes when we hear of sex scandals, money scandals and other scandals among celebrities; we begin to assume that positions and money cause character flaws.

However, the facts are that, when you are not famous and not wealthy; your character defects are hidden from the public. Then when you become famous and rich, your character flaws bring up their heads.

Conclusion – you must develop your character, whether you are famous and rich or not. Preferably, before you are up there, make sure to solidify your character so that when you go up, your task is to maintain the character. The good character will then help you to sustain your fame and wealth.

By Wilbert R. Mutoko

Copyright © July 7 2016




Are we not ashamed of continuously complaining and murmuring, yet things are not changing? Does it help you or any other person?

Let us stop complaining about the bad circumstances. Rather let us arise and do our part in providing solutions



You have heard this before, the recipe to become successful includes reading a book per week, having a mentor and networking. Let me write a bit about successful networking.

As they say ‘Your network determines your net-worth.’ It is the people you know that link you up to your helpers. Unfortunately, networking is a rarely taught subject even in most business schools. Consequently, I have watched over and over again people making terrible mistakes when building their networks.

One networking mistake that I have realized is the tendency of bad mouthing others. Nobody likes someone that always brings bad news about their manager, friends, spouse or children. It is crucial for you to learn to avoid talking bad about where you are coming from. Stop bad mouthing your former spouse, former employer, former supplier or former clients.

For instance, I have seen many people fail job interviews because they negatively answered the question, ‘Why did you leave your last employer?’ They respond, “The boss was a wicked person …” Who wants to hear that? While it may be true that your former boss was bad, you should not go around ‘preaching’ it. It reflects badly on your character.

When you speak negative about someone else to me, that is enough evidence that after talking to me; you are most likely going to bad mouth me. Thus, when hiring managers hear you speak negative about your past, they immediately classify you as a traitor. Hiring managers assume that if they hire you, soon you will be bad mouthing them. So, they would rather leave you alone without hiring you. That is something you definitely do not want.

So, the next time you are asked why you left your former job, avoid bitter and unacceptable words. Say something positive which demonstrates maturity in the sense that you have managed to move on with life.

Written by Wilbert R. Mutoko (Best-selling author of 15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success and Author of What you have is enough)

Copyright © 2 June 2016

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Stop depressing yourself

Sometimes we depress ourselves by wishing we were like so and so. But fact is – there is no successful person without a story. All of them have a story to tell on what they have done and how they have become successful. Thus, there is no prize winner without paying the price. So, you want to be highly successful? If you are not interested in their story, then you are not interested in their glory. Go for the story. Implement the principles from the story; then you see your own glory emerging.

See you at the top my friend!

Wishing you a successful life!

Written by Wilbert R. Mutoko (Best-selling author of 15 Secrets for Personal Financial Success and Author of What you have is enough)

Copyright © 1 June 2016